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CanMag is a syndicated media site that specializes in topics of film, television, gaming and just about anything else of interest to us. The site was created on September of 2004 and has been growing ever since.

CanMag.Com features a staff that consists of fans of movies, television and all sorts of other media we can get geeked™ on; we pride ourselves in having a younger writing crew. Conversely, we also have writers who specialize in certain fields as well.

In another attempt to keep our content fresh and new, we also allow the articles of 'guest writers' as well. For a person to become a guest writer he/she must submit their desired article, or thesis, for review by us. If we like what we see, we will display your article. If the 'guest writer' consistently writes great articles, he/she can join our staff permanently*. For more info on becoming a guest writer contact us.
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What is CPM?: Stands for Cost Per Millenium, or cost-per-thousand. We charge at a rate of per one-thousand views. If you were to purchase 50,000 views, your advertisement would run until it is displayed to users 50,000 times and then would cease to exist; unless more impressions are purchased.
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For those of you who follow ALEXA to make your advertising decisions, CanMag.Com had a rating of 4,800,000 at the end of September of 2004. Our current rating is posted below. If you would like to know our daily rating, check ALEXA.

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