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A New Hope vs. Empire Strikes Back

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A New Hope
1083 (39%)
Empire Strikes Back
1677 (61%)
Total Votes: 2760

In Star Wars: A New Hope, George Lucas introduces us to one of the greatest trilogies ever made [if not the best]. In this first film, we meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, C3P0, R2D2, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia. We also learn of this mystical universe that revolves around some energy/spirit called 'the force.' Usually, as in most film series, the first film is the best. The state of wonder and thought applied to every first film of a trilogy is usually lost in the sequels.

While Star Wars: A New Hope is a great film, the predecessors were also great; including Empire Strikes Back. A New Hope is some peoples favorite film as it is when the good triumph, the Death Star is destroyed. A lot of great things happen in A New Hope for the alliance, all except for the loss of Obi-Wan Kenobi-- who remains in spirit. However, A New Hope was a perfect first film, just an introduction to the story involving a galaxy far far away.

Best Aspects:
Introduction to a mythical universe that people can relate to, Death Star Trench Run, Han Solo wastes Greedo by sneaking a shot underneath the table [changed in the SE], Leia has the hot chubby cheaks look

In Empire Strikes Back, you know you have a good film when the bad guys, the dark side, win this segment of the story and you still feel good about what is developing. Lucas made a wonderful decision on having Irvin Kershner step into the director's chair for Star Wars: Episode V. Lucas wanted a lot more character development for Empire and saw Kershner as the man to deliver. And, most should agree, Kershner performed perfectly. In Empire Strikes Back, each character is perfectly polished and studied. C3P0 and Han take the scene at making us laugh.

Also, there are two huge scenes in Empire Strikes Back that can take a persons breath away [if they are viewing the film for the first time]. Luke goes to Dagobah to find a jedi master for what can only be called 'rapid jedi training.' Yoda is not what Luke expects as he is small and not human. However, according to Yoda, size and strength matter not when it comes to the force.

After some time of training, Luke has a vision of his friends in distress and has to leave Dagobah early. On his departure, the camera remains with Yoda talking to Obi-Wan's spirit. Obi-Wan says 'he is our only hope,' something that has been continuously pointed out through out both movies. However, Yoda responds with the twist line 'no, there is another.' But who could this be!! Well, they never say in Empire Strikes Back, but they hint at it.

During the end of the film Luke is hanging underneath Cloud City and shouts for help. After considering his options, Luke quietly calls for Leia. Some how Leia hears him and is able to return with the Millenium Falcon to rescue Luke. Great stuff! So perfectly delivered, just enough to suggest the Leia is something more than what we have come to understand. Also, while on Cloud City Luke hears the infamous 'I am your father' line.

Best Aspects:
Perfectly written script and character development, Leia tells Han she loves him and he responds with 'I know', Luke confronts Vader, Yoda gives us further lessons in the force, The viewers learn that another jedi does exist, cliffhanger ending, directing.

Even though Star Wars: A New Hope brought the saga into the spotlight, it was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back that showed what the Star Wars saga was really made of. Empire represents a movie about the good guys loosing, and the viewers love the entire ride.
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