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Déjà Vu

November 22, 2006
Director Tony Scott
Producer Tony Scott, Ridley Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenwriter Terry Rossio, Bill Marsilii
Studio Touchstone Pictures
Starring Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, Paula Patton, Bruce Greenwood, Adam Goldberg, Jim Caviezel
Genre Action, Thriller
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Plot / Synopsis
Everyone has experienced the unsettling mystery of déjà vu – that flash of memory when you meet someone new you feel you’ve known all your life or recognize a place even though you’ve never been there before. But what if the feelings were actually warnings sent from the past or clues to the future? In the captivating new action-thriller from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott, written by Terry Rossio & Bill Marsilii, it is déjà vu that unexpectedly guides ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) through an investigation into a shattering crime. Called in to recover evidence after a bomb sets off a cataclysmic explosion on a New Orleans Ferry, Carlin is about to discover that what most people believe is only in their heads is actually something far more powerful – and will lead him on a mind-bending race to save hundreds of innocent people.

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Trailers & Clips
Vignette: "The Big 3" Lrg (QT)
Vignette: "The Big 3" Med (QT)
Vignette: "The Big 3" (WM)
Vignette: "Phenomenon" Lrg (QT)
Vignette: "Phenomenon" Med (QT)
Vignette: "Phenomenon" (WM)
Vignette: "Denzel at 100MPH" Lrg (QT)
Vignette: "Denzel at 100MPH" Med (QT)
Vignette: "Denzel at 100MPH" (WM)
TV Spot: "Exciting Pedigree" (QT)
TV Spot: "Exciting Pedigree" (WM)
TV Spot: "Mystery" (QT)
TV Spot: "Mystery" (WM)
TV Spot: "Edge Review" (QT)
TV Spot: "Edge Review" (WM)
TV Spot: "Believe" (QT)
TV Spot: "Believe" (WM)
Video Interview: Washington and Patton Lrg (QT)
Video Interview: Washington and Patton Med (QT)
Video Interview: Washington and Patton (WM)
Extended Clip: "Only One You're Gonna Be Safe With" LRG (QT)
Extended Clip: "Only One You're Gonna Be Safe With" Med (QT)
Extended Clip: "Only One You're Gonna Be Safe With" (WM)
Clip: "Is This A Joke?" Lrg (QT)
Clip: "Is This A Joke?" Med (QT)
Clip: "Is This A Joke?" (WM)
Clip: "Interrogation" Lrg (QT)
Clip: "Interrogation" Med (QT)
Clip: "Interrogation" (WM)
Clip: "Watch the Traffic" Lrg (QT)
Clip: "Watch the Traffic" Med (QT)
Clip: "Watch the Traffic" (WM)
Clip: "Is She Alive" Lrg (QT)
Clip: "Is She Alive" Med (QT)
Clip: "Is She Alive" (WM)
Clip: "Blame Canada" Lrg (QT)
Clip: "Blame Canada" Med (QT)
Clip: "Blame Canada" (WM)
Extended Clip: "Questions" Lrg (QT)
Extended Clip: "Questions" Med (QT)
Extended Clip: "Questions" (WM)
TV Spot: "New Team" (QT)
TV Spot: "New Team" (WM)
TV Spot: "Government" (QT)
TV Spot: "Government" (WM)
TV Spot: "Closer" (QT)
TV Spot: "Closer" (WM)
TV Spot: "Phenomenon" (QT)
TV Spot: "Phenomenon" (WM)
Trailer QT HD 720p
Trailer QT HD 480p
Trailer QT
Trailer WM
2nd Trailer
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