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Iron Man

May 2, 2008
Director Jon Favreau
Producer Stan Lee, Ari Arad, Jon Favreau
Screenwriter Arthur Marcum, Matt Holloway
Studio Paramount Pictures
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Additional Film Info
Source: Official Site
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Plot / Synopsis
Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios' big screen adaptation of Marvel's legendary Super Hero Iron Man will launch into theaters on May 2, 2008. Oscar(R) nominee Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the story of a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man. The film also stars Oscar(R) winner Gwyneth Paltrow and Oscar(R) nominees Terrance Howard and Jeff Bridges and will be directed by Jon Favreau.

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Iron Man Shares Poster With Audi
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FX Picks Up Marvel Properties
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(Finalized) Iron Man One-Sheet!
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Iron Man's Super Bowl Pic
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February 3, 2008
Yet Another Iron Man Pic
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January 23, 2008
Couple New Photos for Iron Man
Another shot of Stark and one on-set.
January 15, 2008
Better International Iron Man Teaser
Available online in both quicktime and flash.
January 10, 2008
New Photo for Iron Man
Tony Stark tests and develops his gear.
January 8, 2008
French Iron Man Poster
Another look at the finalized armor.
December 9, 2007
Latest and Greatest Shot of Iron Man
The finalized design looks excellent.
December 5, 2007
Couple New Iron Man Stills
Turns out we had the rest.
November 29, 2007
Meet the Chracters of Iron Man
Official site updated with character bios and fan art.
November 15, 2007
International Iron Man Teaser!
More witty dialogue and footage.
November 5, 2007
Top Ten Films Updated for Winter 2007!
Beowulf and Charlie Wilson join the list.
October 18, 2007
Favreau Gets Advanced with Iron Man
Everything you want to know about the film's production.
October 18, 2007
Iron Man Teaser Poster!
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October 4, 2007
You Better Believe It: Iron Man Will Fly
Variety report was er, inaccurate.
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Iron Man Teaser Trailer!
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Iron Man's Trailer Promo!
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September 10, 2007
Iron Man Trailer Next Week!
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September 5, 2007
Iron Man's Comic-Con Footage Coming in HD
For those of you tired of bootleg flash.
August 20, 2007
International Iron Man Banner
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August 16, 2007
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