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Why Shrek 2 will last a Day After Tomorrow

Published June 1, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Campus Resource, Joblo

Shrek 2 has continued to be the number one movie the second week running even with competition from the blockbuster 'The Day After Tomorrow.' The film was able to pass the $200 mill. mark in just ten days [a feat only beaten by Spiderman who did it in nine] and it seems that it will continue to keep on rolling. Shrek 2 has been acclaimed by some critics while others claim it is not as good as the original. I completely disagree and thoroughly enjoyed this film over the first [I have seen it twice]. And, judging by the numbers, most people feel the same way. But what gives Shrek 2 the ability to stand out or, at least, stand with its predecessor?

The Story
What can make a better story than an ogre and a women falling in love? The answer uses the same formula found in 'Meet the Parents' or 'The In-Laws.' People love watching movies where the son or daughter must go meet the parents, which usually results in comical gags [also evident in 'Father of the Bride']. 'Shrek 2' follows this principle, as Shrek must go with Princess Fiona to visit her parents at Far Far Away [aka Hollywood]. Parents who believe that Fiona has cured her curse and is now permanently human. Hilarious moments ensue with the shock of their daughter's choice of a 'man.' We later discover that she was meant to meet and kiss Prince Charming. The rest of the movie covers Prince Charming's attempts, with the help of his mother, to win Fiona back and send Shrek packing.

The Characters
The new characters are just as classic as the first and, if anything, better. We are greeted to Puss-In-Boots, voiced by Banderas, who is this hilarious assassin cat who uses his harmless cat face when in doubt. The other big character, whom I especially feel deserves at least as much credit as Puss-In-Boots, is the 'girly-man' Prince Charming. Rubert Everett does a hilarious job voicing Charming. Charming is the ultimate pretty boy who acts like a child and is treated like one by his mother, Fairy Godmother. Other characters include Fiona's mother and father, the King and Queen of Far Far Away.

The Humor
Puss-In-Boots and Prince Charming do a great job adding fresh humor to the story. Furthermore, the 'Shrek' crew, after probably realizing the advantage of having adult humor as well, has applied even more adult humor to the film for the older age groups to laugh at. One great scene is seeing patrons flee a Starbuck's Coffee only to run to another one right across the street. Even though I did feel a slower start to 'Shrek 2,' once the film finds its legs there is no turning back.

Eventhough this is not that important to most, the computer graphics have been improved upon immensely since the original 'Shrek.' The opening scene where Prince Charming rides his horse is proof enough of the advancements taken on this film since the release of 'Shrek'. If you pay attention, you will find scenes that can be used in real movies and no one will know the difference.

The Energy
All in all, I left the film feeling that more energy was applied to this film than the first. This is very apparent in the ending of both films. The original 'Shrek' had a good ending with Shrek catching up to Fiona and making her his bride. In 'Shrek 2,' the ending is awesome and exciting as Shrek must storm Far Far Away while the music 'Holding Out for a Hero' is playing [sung by Fairy Godmother]. An ending with true energy and a grander climax.

The Music
I also enjoyed the soundtrack to 'Shrek 2' more than the original. With songs such as 'Funkytown', 'Changes', and 'As Lovers Go.' The music is also used much better in this movie than the original as the songs t truly fits the scenes their applied to.

I truly enjoyed Shrek 2 and can promise anyone that they will not be able to stop smiling for the entire hour and forty minutes plus run time [which is exceptionally long for an animation]. Shrek 2 offers the best two hours anyone can want from a movie theatre. With the success of the sequel, it has also been rumored that all or most characters have signed on to do another. So bring on Shrek 3!

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Campus Resource, Joblo

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