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The Comedy of the Summer: Anchorman

Published July 11, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Campus Resource

Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell, is the ultimate summer uber-comedy. The film is about the introduction of women, or woman, into a male controlled media. Will Farrell, playing Ron Burgundy, and his news crew are unwilling to comply with said changes and do all they can to stop a woman, Christina Applegate, from becoming a Co-Anchor.

Hilarious laughs ensue with Will Farrell's charm leading the way. This film will have you laugh out loud continuously through out the entire hour and a half.

The Story
Will FerreLl plays Ron Burgundy, a news anchor loved by all of San Diego. He and his news team have dominated the news ratings market causing the group to become big headed and chauvinistic. This all changes with the introduction of Veronica Corningstone [Christina Applegate] who has her own goal to some day become network anchor.

The film covers Veronica's attempts to move up the news ladder along with her relationship to Ron Burgundy. When she finally does get offered co-anchor, Ron takes up a mission to remove her from San Diego News.

The film is extremely corny but, unlike Dodgeball, very hilarious. The cast is able to make fun of the film they are participating in through specially scripted lines. However, most of the comedy comes from scenes where the actors are adlibbing rather than using a script.

The Film
Anchorman does exactly what a comedy should, make you laugh for the entire viewing of the film. This film is great as it gives the cast room to be silly and turn one giant sketch comedy into an actual film. The film also gave Will Ferrell the ability to finally cut loose and show funny he really is.

Furthermore, Will Ferrell is not the only character bringing laughs to the screen. Steve Carell, known for also being an anchor in the movie Bruce Almighty and for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, is incredibly funny in Anchorman as well. During the opening of the film, Steve Carell, playing Brick Tamland, explains that he has an IQ of under fifty, which some would say qualifies him as retarded.

From then on Steve offers tons of laughs with silly humor such as him explaining that he ate a 'big red candle' when he got drunk.

I cannot over emphasize the amount of comedy in Anchorman. When going to see this film do not expect anything at all to be serious [which is especially true of the ending and a great deal of the story]. However, enjoy the moments that occur scene by scene that are there for the main intention to make you laugh.

The only part of the movie I found weird was the fact that most scenes from the Anchorman trailer do not appear in the actual film. Scenes that were not missed anyway.

Final Judgement: Possibly the best comedy of the Summer. Can't remember the last movie that made me laugh like that. You will be spouting Burgundy lines after seeing the film. B+

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Campus Resource

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