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Premiere Gives A First Look at the Film Alexander by Oliver Stone

Published August 25, 2004 in MOVIE PREVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Premiere

This is just a quick heads up for people interested in the upcoming Oliver Stone film Alexander. 'Premiere,' the magazine, has just released an article in their latest issue that offers a great first look and behind the scenes on the film including its cast, location, and crew.

Some of the key features of the article are the sweet photos [the one of the elelphants is the best] and the detailed behind the scenes viewing. You also learn of how Colin Farrell almost put a ding into production when he broke his ankle and wrist at a party with the cast of the film only three days before the completion of shooting.

However, all people say great things about Oliver Stone [which isn't rare to hear from actors performing under various directors] and how he is a master at what he does; eventhough he does have a multitude of doubts as he works.

But enough of me telling you about it, go to the news stands and buy yourself a copy or head over to the Premiere Website.

Here is also a quick picture of Colin Farrell as Alexander

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Ryan Parsons
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