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Tony Scott Delivers a Sadistic Revenge Story in Man On Fire

Published September 18, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Pictures used from Man On Fire

Denzel is out with a vengeance in a story of love, life, death, crime, corruption, revenge, and full bloody redemption.
First off, this is not your feel good movie of the year. Man On Fire, starring Denzel Washington, is anything but a movie that makes you feel good about people and life in general. However, if you are a fan of savage redemption, this movie is right up your alley.

Man On Fire Is Tough On the Senses

Now, being in full Tony Scott fashion [ala Spy Game], the film has tons of interesting cinematography. I could follow up by saying the cinematography helps portray and support the brutality contained within the movie; and it does. However, at times I grew tired of the extended scenes that seemed only to exist to portray or show off the cinematography applied to the film. Some of the techniques include blurred film, burned film, flicker film, and multi-swipes [these are not technical terms obviously].

Even though the film is brutal with parts that include torture interrogation, the camera is more than willing to turn away for the extremely sensitive parts [such as the shooting of people in the head and the cutting of fingers]. Conversely, the sound editing does back the pain that these people go through with screams of pain from torture.

Little Addeds that I Took Away from the Film

First, there are just some places in Mexico where you would not like to raise a family, no matter what the insurance coverage you have. Just too much corruption from all sides. Second, if you are knocked unconscious and wake up with C4 shoved up your ass, you better start talking and quick. Definitely one of the worst ways to go on film.

Final Judgement: Not the feel good movie some may be looking for. But if you want a story that shows that crime doesn't pay, and even the good guys can play mean, then check out this film. B

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Pictures used from Man On Fire

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