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Anne Hathaway Naked!

Published October 23, 2004 in CELEBRITY NUDITY
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Disney
Anne Hathaway
This innocent look may not be so innocent.
This may just be the news article of the WEEK. Thanks to Joblo and his forum user Sharkstank for pointing out the official news stated by the Celebrity Nude Database. Now, there is nothing new to an actor or actress getting nude in front of the camera, but Anne Hathaway! The little angel behind The Princess Diaries!

Anne Hathaway Naked! There is more!

According to CNdb.Com, Anne Hathaway does a little more than get naked. I am just gonna say it, Anne Hathaway shows pubic area, as in Labia Majora. Do you hear what I am saying! Am I the only one completely blown away by this?

Here is what is said by a user after Seeing Havoc, the film starring Anne Hathaway...nude:
Anne Hathaway shows off her ENTIRE body in this movie... let me tell you, it's mind blowing... Only 15 minutes into it, young Anne is being felt up by an LA gangbanger and off comes her top... she gets out of bed fully nude to answer the door. You don't see much pubic action here, but there is a long, well-lit view of her behind... She pleasures herself with a vibrator in front of a group of onlookers... I'm not used to seeing actual vagina in a Hollywood movie, just pubic hair (Anne's is very well-trimmed, BTW. So her reign as a princess is over...

Not to sound perverted, but so many prayers have been answered! I have recently looked for a release date of the film and failed to find any. Hope for a quick move to DVD I guess. By the way, the film is called Havoc and is directed by Barbara Kopple.

To check out the full report, CLICK HERE

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from Disney

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