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Hanks Will be Robert Langdon in The DaVinci Code

Published November 15, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Newsweek
Hanks will be Robert Langdon in The DaVinci Code
I have been doing some thinking lately and was contemplating what the next HUGE book to movie adaptation would be. We have already been through the very successful LOTR trilogy, the Potter films will continue to rake with each additional release, and the Bourne series still does pretty well [I think Bourne films are only par though]. Then it hit me, I need to see the Robert Langdon series, written by Dan Brown, to hit the big screens.

Tom Hanks as Langdon in The DaVinci Code

I cannot imagine a better choice for playing the swimmer-gone professor who has the ability to think like the most sophisticated robot. However, Hanks has put on a few extra pounds as he has gotten older and should need to shed some off before becoming Langdon. Professor Langdon is detailed as a slim, but cut, ex-swimmer. If you have seen Terminal, you know that Hanks has not been this for some time. Besides bodily features, Hanks ability to convey emotion and a 'thought-process' on screen will be his real strength to creating Langdon in The DaVinci Code. If that is not enough, guess who is producing and directing?

The producer behind the upcoming book-to-film adaptation, The DaVinci Code, is Brian Grazer. Grazer is responsable for films [in no particular order] such as Intolerable Cruelty [which I loved], Liar Liar, Ransom, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Apollo 13, Backdraft, Kindergarten Cop, Parenthood, Splash [where Hanks really began to shine], and Spies Like Us. Quite an impressive portfolio, and this is only naming a small segment of the films made by Grazer.

Ron Howard Will be Directing The DaVinci Code

I just thought this sort of detail deserved its own header. The worst thing that can happen is that the production crew and cast create a horrible film that is not even close to the mark set down by the novel. However, Hanks, Grazer, and Howard represent a group that will not let this happen. Anybody remember the great books by Crichton called Sphere and Timeline? The books rocked while the movies looked like no one on set had even bothered to read the books. Well, The DaVinci Code is a great, well thought out story that deserves the best behind its film adaptation; even though I always thought Brown's other Langdon story, Angels & Demons was better than DaVinci Code.

The DaVinci Code does not have a release date as of yet. Stay tuned.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Newsweek

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