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John Calley Hops On Board The Da Vinci Code

Published November 24, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Image and interview from LatinoReview
John Calley Grabs Some Code
Brief update thanks to the good people over at LatinoReview. They recently were able to talk to John Calley about the upcoming book adaptation, The Da Vinci Code.

John Calley Catches Onto the Code

Those of you who have not read the Da Vinci Code, or Angels & Demons [which I thought was even better], you got to get out and purchase the two. I believe they both come in softback by now. Well, I am including purchase links to Amazon just in case. Anywho, if you have read the books, how can you not be excited about this film and the talent they already have behind it. Ron Howard directing, Grazer producing, and Hanks acting; wow.

In the interview between LatinoReview and John Calley [who recently joined the growing crew for Da Vinci], Calley states that there will NOT be added action added to the story and the film will stick pretty close to the book. However, all the religion, art, and history details will be heavily condensed for the film.

To read the entire interview, head over to LatinoReview.

For movie info, go to The Da Vinci Code

To purchase either of the books from Amazon, click on the images.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image and interview from LatinoReview

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