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Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux

Published November 25, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Image taken from scan at Charlize Theron Site
All I got to say about this picture is 'Hot Damn!' Charlize Theron looks impressively good with the whole all-black ensemble going on. I would have never thought it, but Charlize Theron makes one hot Aeon Flux! The only way she misses the part is that the Aeon Flux character is anerexic to the point of starving [look at the second image to see what I mean]. But hey, too skinny ain't that sexy anyway.

Theron as Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux, an adaptation of the futuristic animated series that once premiered on MTV's Liquid Telivision, is back on track and filming after Theron hurt her neck performing a stunt for the film. I heard of the possibility of this film some time back through Sci-Fi, but did not think it would get this far in production. And, with Theron posting scanned stills on her site, it seems that Aeon Flux, the movie, will be coming out sometime next year.

If you have not ever seen, or heard of, Aeon Flux, here is a brief synopsis:

Aeon Flux hardly finds an occasion to sit down and eat.
Originally produced as a segment for MTV's Liquid Television, "Aeon Flux" is a series of futuristic, animated adventure shorts featuring a spy/super-heroine of the same name. She explores a futuristic world full of bizarre diseases and strange weapons, searching for her enemy and soul-mate Trevor Goodchild.
-Rotten Tomatoes

Aeon Flux is the ultimate heroine as she has no morals on who she kills [which is just about everybody] and she has no problem with sex and relationships. Don't expect this girl to get clingy with guys either. As a matter of fact, the only guy she is really hooked on is also her enemy, Trevor Goodchild. Because of these aspects, this comic style film should be different from all others seen to date.

Aeon Flux for more movie info.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image taken from scan at Charlize Theron Site

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