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Who Will be Superman's Next Lois Lane?

Published November 29, 2004 in MOVIE NEWS
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Yahoo! Movies
I hoped she would be Lois, but Lilly too busy with LOST
According to Superman-V.Com, it seems that Evangeline Lilly will NOT be up for contention for the Lois Lane spot in Bryan Singer's upcoming film, Superman.

The Lois Lane Contenders for Superman V

Alright, we have our hero, Brandon Routh, now we need our hero's love interest. There are currently three girls up in the running, they are: Kate Bosworth, Elisha Cuthbert and Claire Danes. I know Claire Danes most for her roles in Romeo & Juliet, Terminator 3, The Mod Squad, and Brokedown Palace. She's got an interesting look, but maybe a little too fair for Lois. Elisha Cuthbert is also fair skinned, but she is damn hot and quite the seductress. I knew she was going to be huge from when I first saw her in Old School with Luke Wilson. I would not mind her becoming Lois Lane one bit. The last option, Kate Bosworth, is definately good too. All though I know people find her incredibly hot, but something about her just doesn't quite do it for me. Ever since I saw her in Blue Crush I was thrown off for some reason; Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! scored some points for her though.

Here are your contenders:

Kate Bosworth... maybe.
Elisha Cuthbert... maybe. Is Lois Lane going to be a blonde for this film?
Claire Danes... maybe.

To view more info and updates on this film, open the Superman V Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Yahoo! Movies

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