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Movie News RoundUP- WOTW, The Island, Ford

Published December 16, 2004 in MOVIE ROUNDUP
By Ryan Parsons | Teaser poster thanks to, linked above
War of the Worlds poster, thanks to
Got a pretty broad Movie News RoundUp for you. Posted below is a bunch of everything including: Harrison Ford, an Iraqi War film, War of the Worlds, and much more.

War of the Worlds Teaser Poster

Here is a nice quick update for you... While we have seen the simple font logo in the War of the Worlds teaser trailer, it seems that the poster has improved upon this font greatly. The font also seems to have an old school look to it, sort of like Ten Commandments style. Ahh, I can't put my finger on it, but I know I have seen a very similar cover/poster before. [image above].

For more movie information, plus the teaser, go to the War of the Worlds Movie Page.

The Island Picks up Steam, and Sean Bean

The Island, directed by Armageddon Michael Bay, has recently come back into the front light when the film picked up Sean Bean to play as the antagonist in the film. The film takes place in the mid 21st century, during a time of major advancement. Lincoln [played by Ewan McGregor] is a member of a controlled society where he only wishes to go to a place only known as 'The Island.' This place, according to Lincoln, is the last remaining uncontrolled, and uncontaminated spot for human existence. However, Lincoln's plans are crushed when he discovers that he, and all other members of the facility in which he lives, is a clone whose sole purpose is to provide spare parts for the original donor. It is only a matter of time before Lincoln will be 'harvested,' another term for destroyed. Lincoln's only solution is to find a way to escape before time runs out.

If you haven't heard of Sean Bean, how dare you! This guy is a brilliant actor and has recently scored a hit in Bruckheimer's National Treasure. He also played the character of Boromir in LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring.

For more movie info, go to The Island Movie Page

Harrison Ford in The Battle for Fallujah

According to Empire Magazine, Harrison Ford has agreed to play a major role in The Battle for Fallujah. It seems that Harrison is tired of sitting around, waiting to see whether they go forward with Indiana IV or not.

Here is a couple snippets from the article:
Ford will play General Jim Mattis, the leader of the attack, which was initially halted by order of the White House when the American troops were just 48 hours away from taking the city. In the dictionary definition of a botch, they had to go back six months later to finish the job, incurring far more severe losses than they did first time around. In total, 78 American soldiers died in the two battles. Itís not known how many Iraqis died.

This one could go either way, quite frankly, given that as many people seem to support the war in Iraq as there are those who despise it. Although the story Ė and the title of the book - would suggest that this might be a scathing indictment of US policy in Iraq, Fordís presence is a bit of a headscratcher...

To read the entire article, head over to Empire Magazine

I loved Anchorman, Ferrell's adlib was classic.

Will Ferrell is a Bronze God

Lets just say, Will Ferrell is some pretty hot property right now. Or, as said in Zoolander, 'he can take a dump, wrap it in tinfoil, add some fish hooks, and sell them as earrings to Queen Elizabeth.' Well, according to Variety, Columbia Pictures has hired Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck to develop the script, Bronze God, for Will Ferrell to star in. The film is about a lifeguard who realizes his dream when he is picked to compete in a local beach volleyball tournament. I can only imagine the infinite possibilities with this one.

Ferrell is currently shooting the film Bewitched, co-starring with the seductress Nicole Kidman.
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