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Sick of Paying Search Engines? Learn How to Submit Your Site for Free.

Published November 7, 2004 in INTERNET
By Ryan Parsons | Want more Free Engine Listings? Go to Free Web Submission
Don't Pay, Submit for Free.
Having problems getting your website listed among the search engines? Don't feel like paying the $299 that Yahoo charges to just review your site for listing? Well, if you do not know it already, there are places you can go for free search engine submission.

Free Search Engine Submission

First, do NOT use those 'free search engine submission' programs that claim they can put your site into 2,500 search engines. They are unreliable and can actually hurt your site. The best way to make sure you are included is the old way; manually submit your site to every search engine out there. Even though a lot of these engines claim they charge, each has its own back door for free submissions that just take longer [sometimes up to three months] to review, and insert, your site.

What can you do during this period of time as you wait for the engines to hit your site? Work on your site and make it so these engines immediately want to come back for more. Some engines can take up to 100+ hits from their robots/spiders before you they will acknowledge your site and list it among their listings. MSN search is a true example of this; every site I have built required about two months of continuous visits from MSN before I finally saw my domain name appear among the listings.

The Shortened List to Submit Your Site to the Best Search Engines Free

The following list is some of the most used search engines, which is a good place to start.

Yahoo! Search
Open Directory
What U Seek
Web World
Starting Point

Before You Start Submitting Away

Almost all of the search engines require your email account. The account you provide will begin to receive advertisements, articles, and endorsements from some of the search engines. Your best bet is to create a NEW email account at any of the free email account providers to handle all the incoming mail due to submitting to all of the listed search engines.

You can also create an account like to use as a collection box for what is bound to be a high amount of bulk email.

Well, stop reading and start submitting. Remember, if your site is a POS, the bots can pick this up due to lack of depth or content. Be ready for the bots/spiders to hit your site.

Another Way to Get Listed

If you read our article, Staircase to Higher PageRank, you may catch on to another approach to get listed [this way can actually be quicker and more successful for some]. If you have some connection, or friends, that own websites that are heavily indexed by search engines, you may find more luck just getting these sites to place a link back to your site. Then, when the spiders come to index that site, they will come along to your link and end up discovering your site on their own. This strategy will also give you some free PageRank points as well.

For those of you who had considered paying anywhere up to $300 for search engines, like Yahoo, you can also ensure placement in tons of engines by actually spending less. Search on Yahoo or Google the following keywords: buy text links. You will come across a lot of programs that allow you to purchase text links. Look for a PR7 rated site or a couple PR6s, contact the site owners directly and negotiate the purchase of text links for approximately three months or more. This way, it ensures that Google will do a PageRank update during this time [the longest period without an update is 106 days] causing the popularity of your site to go up along with your rankings on all [well, a lot] the search engines.

For more detailed information, read Staircase to Higher PageRank.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Want more Free Engine Listings? Go to Free Web Submission

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