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HBO Wants More ROME

Published September 13, 2005 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of HBO
HBO's Rome HBO's Rome
Ever since I have watched the first episode of the newest television series ROME, I knew that HBO had struck ratings gold. Rome hasn't been this uncut, real and uncensored since the time of Caligula. Anybody who is willing to give a couple hours to the History Channel each week definitely understands that Rome wasn't a perfect Utopia that featured colored rainbows and skittles that sprinkled from the sky. Rome was tough, naked, brutal and extremely sadist. Hell, nudity was widespread during those times; something that I wouldn't mind bringing back.

It looks like other television viewers have caught on to ROME as well, therefore causing HBO to announce that they have decided to go forward with a second season. As Caesar would say, 'change the music to a happier tune.'

A Second Season Heads to ROME

According to Variety, HBO has renewed the television series ROME for a second season of 12 hourlong episodes, although they won't make it to air until 2007. Why the wait? Well, anytime you have a first season costing around $100 million, you have to picture that the second season will require the same, well, resources.

"The show has built momentum with our subscribers and with the critics," said Carolyn Strauss, president of HBO Entertainment.

The first episode that aired on August 28th harvested 8.9 million total viewers over the course of 11 plays on HBO and HBO2 spread across the entire week. The 9.1 household rating ROME chalked up for the Sunday primetime run alone was the best number for a new-season debut episode since the fourth-season premiere of Six Feet Under in 2004.

Strauss said ROME will join two other continuing HBO series recently picked up for third seasons: Deadwood and Entourage. I have unfortunately only seen two of the final episodes from Entourage, and am now wishing I had HBO on Demand.

Production of the new season of ROME will begin in March.

For the entire report on the second season of ROME, head over to Variety.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of HBO

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