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New Flash Videos by BreslerWorks

Published July 14, 2005 in Flash Videos
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of BreslerWorks
Nick and Haig 'Nick and Haig'
I was introduced to the flash animations of BreslerWorks some time ago and quickly added their first major flash short, titled 'Nick and Haig', to our Online Fun section. While the dialogue in this video is at best simple and silly, it is the creative flash animation from Doug Bresler that makes 'Nick and Haig' such a funny clip. I guess it would also help if you were a little drunk or high... but nevermind that.

BreslerWorks Flash Updates

We have just been alerted that not only have BreslerWorks posted its newest 'Nick and Haig' short to the internet, but the official site has also posted a preview for their next flash animation titled 'Babysitting'. One thing I love about BreslerWorks is how much the flash guru has improved upon his flash abilities and prepares to apply his latest skills to the short 'Babysitting.'

However, the true talent behind Doug Bresler remains in his ability to take idiotic conversations and convert them into very creative and well-designed image plays that display, in the best sense, what the various characters are discussing. Hard to picture? Then stop listening to me try to talk about the flash videos and check them out at the following links below [links open in new window]:

WARNING: Foul language and sensitive topics

'Nick and Haig: Episode I'
'Nick and Haig II' Preview
'Nick and Haig II'
Trailer for 'Baby Sitting'

*The opinions stated in the 'Nick and Haig' flash clips are not necessarily the opinions shared by the crew of CanMag.Com. We hope that nobody would take these clips seriously and just enjoy them for the fact that they are so silly to the point of funny.

For the official site, go to BreslerWorks

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of BreslerWorks

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