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Check Out the Funny Sobriety Test Clip

Published January 14, 2005 in THE FUNNYS
By Ryan Parsons | Video can be found at Big-Boys
The ultimate test
Before I get more into today's latest entertainment news, I had to post this video to CanMag. The video can also be found on, where it was initially hosted. I went to check out the site and, just like other 'funny clip' sites, I could not find where this video was located on their site. So, I will show the clip here with a link back to their site. Get ready to laugh your ass off!

Sobriety Test Clip

If you thought your sobriety test was hard when you got pulled over, check out this guy. The clip of the sobriety test is hilarious, as we witness this guy try to convince the female officer that he is not drunk [even though he has been swerving]. Along the way, the guy is forced to do some of the standard tests [finger to nose] and some of the not standard [walking in a straight line with a shimmy in your step].

You got to see this clip: Funny Sobriety Test. I think it has to be from the show Reno 911. If not, this is one damn humorous cop encounter.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Video can be found at Big-Boys

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