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JibJab Strikes Again!

Published January 18, 2005 in FLASH ANIMATION
By Ryan Parsons | Image from CanMag.Com
JibJab strikes again with Second Term. Don't click it!
It seems that JibJab has done it again, with their latest flash movie titled 'Second Term.' If you have never heard of JibJab, this was the same group that created 'This Land', which was featured on news stations and Leno.

JibJab's Second Term

It seems that ever since JibJab had their first hit in "This Land," they just can't miss when it comes to flash videos. Check out the latest from JibJab by using the links below.

Second Term
All JibJab Movies

Flash videos are some what political. If you are politically sensitive, you may not want to watch.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from CanMag.Com

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