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Hilarious Images of Drunk Pranks

Published January 31, 2005 in FUNNY IMAGES
By Ryan Parsons | Images forwarded through email. If copyright, please notify CanMag.
Drunk Depending on how hard it is to get those out, he got off easy.
Nobody likes to be messed with after a hard night of drinking. But, then again, what goes around comes around. You play a prank on your buddy, you just gave him/her a 'get even' card, and you never know when they will cash it in. Check out to these people when they have a little too much to drink, and very non-supportive friends.

Sometimes Drinking Too Much is Silly

Get ready to laugh your ass off with this bonanza of drunk images that were forwarded to me in an email. While I have personally seen some pretty funny stuff, all of these images are major competitors:

Drunk Looks like it took a team of friends to smoke all those cigarettes.
Drunk Too much beer makes me go pee-pee.
Drunk An easy, creative way to play a joke on your friend.
Drunk Also an easy out, but this looks a little more life threatening.
Drunk What can he say, he loves beer.
Drunk A Beck's commercial. Well timed, well placed.
Drunk I would question your friends more than just the prank.
Drunk That is truly amazing. All time classic.

While playing jokes on drunk friends and acquaintances can be fun, please remember that heavy drinking must be done responsibly.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images forwarded through email. If copyright, please notify CanMag.

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