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The MasterCard Commercial That Didnít Make It

Published February 4, 2005 in HUMOR
By Bubba Craner | Image is a trademark of Master Card.
Master Card Trademark of Master Card, even though the video isn't.
As the Super Bowl winds closer, we are all getting a little eager to see what new, funny commercials we are going to see. Well this is sort of a preview of what you won't see. We have all seen those MasterCard 'Priceless' commercials, but here is one that won't be aired on any TV station.

Funny Mastercard Commercial

This 'mastercard commercial' is just a little tooÖ well, funny-you check it out. But remember, reenact with caution, results may differ from dad to day. [link below]

Watch the funny 'Mastercard Commercial'

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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image is a trademark of Master Card.

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