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My Ultimate Star Wars Theory-- Retold

Published May 12, 2005 in Movie Rant
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
Ben Kenobi, a promising young Jedi
Most Star Wars fans love Star Wars theories and tales. So, I wrote this theory about cloning some time ago and thought with the release of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith coming up, what is a better time to re-tell it. Enjoy one of my own favorite Star Wars theories...

Most Valuable Clone in a Clone War?

In the original trilogy we are told of the 'clone wars.' On hearing this, what would you think would be the best thing to clone? A man named Jango Fett who is a bounty hunter? I don't think so. The most valuable clones would be clones of Jedi masters such as Qui-Gon, Windu, and Yoda. Why would you want to clone an ordinary human being when you can be cloning freakin' Jedi?

When I first thought up this theory, I never had a doubt that it would be proven false. However, we only have one movie left and it looks that I'm shit out of luck. But, before we go much further, let me show you more support for this theory. First off, in Episode IV: A New Hope, Ben Kenobi does not remember R2-D2, even though this same droid miraculously saved his life in Episode I: Phantom Menace. Now, I know, this is proof taken off the first of the series, so let me go back even further, before any new 'Episodes' were released.

Obi-Wan or OB1?

Didn't anybody find Obi-Wan's name a little fishy? And why would he change his name to Ben, as in what made him think of that particular name? When you look at Obi-Wan, it can also be written as OB1, a serial number as in O-B-1; a serial number for a clone no doubt. So, what I expected to see was a bunch of Kenobi Jedi running around with sabers swinging wildly. Imagine: we have an OB1 Kenobi, an OB2 Kenobi, and maybe a UC3 Kenobi. I guess it depends on how many Kenobi's you want to clone. Doesn't this sound like the way to go when it comes to choosing the best 'soldiers' to clone?

So what I expected was something like this: In Star Wars: Episode I, we are introduced to a young, powerful, Jedi named Ben Kenobi. Ben is a promising young Jedi whose powers are growing faster than could have been imagined. When the Republic becomes threatened by some sort of Trade [ruthlessly capitalistic] Federation, the organized government must figure out a resolve to action. The technology of cloning has always existed and the Republic sees that as its only realistic choice to protect the values it has bestowed on the galaxy. But, besides measly foot soldiers, the question comes as what are the best guardians to clone? Hence comes the idea to clone the number one guardian of the Republic, members of the Jedi Counsel. Going forward with this choice, the Republic seeks out the brightest of the younger Jedi and among their top choices is Ben Kenobi. Ben Kenobi, along with some other promising Jedi, agree to be cloned for the survival of the Republic. No biggy, the Jedi Council can always use a little more help anyway. So, out comes a vast number of Jedi including OB1, or Obi-Wan, Kenobi. However, the Republic discovers that there is one problem with Jedi clones that can actually make problems harder on their survival.

It turns out that cloned Jedi have much weaker mind-sets than their original hosts and are more easily influenced. It also doesn't help that the original Jedi are now over-worked as they must teach multiple padawans at once, instead of one at a time. Because of this, a lot of these young, cloned, Jedi are converted to the 'Dark Side' and join up with the Sith. What this means is huge Jedi/Sith battles that have Jedi who look identical fighting one another with weaponry from guns to light sabers. How cool would this be? Could you imagine the type of battlefields that have Jedi facing Jedi who do not look apart from one another? Maybe the 'converted' Jedi can wear some darker robes or something to help distinguish them. Among the cloned Jedi is OB1, or Obi-Wan, Kenobi who shows the same distinguishing talents as his master Ben Kenobi. Obi-Wan remains faithful to the Republic and fights brilliantly during the 'clone wars' to help redeam his master, Ben.

In a Galaxy Far Away, the Clone Wars Continue

OB1 [Obi-Wan] takes the name of his master, Ben
As time progresses, both sides basically wipe out each others cloned armies [the Empire is growing and replacing clones with real foot soldiers]. During one of the major battles, Ben Kenobi is slain by one of his own clones that turned to the Sith. Obi-Wan vanquishes this same Sith Clone and retreats with his master's body. Things are looking bleak for the Republic and OB1 knows that he must do what Yoda has already done; withdraw to some smaller planet that is out of the now-established Empire's grasp. Some place where he knows he can find some secure refuge. Yoda runs to Dagobah to go into hiding while OB1 retreats to Tatooine, the last place he would think the Empire to look. On arriving to the planet, OB1 buries Ben Kenobi and takes up his master's name instead of his clone serial number. OB1 is the spitting image of Ben Kenobi and knew he would have no problem living the life of his master.

Besides bringing his master's body to Tatooine, OB1 also takes one of Anakin's children; the male that was from a set of twins. OB1 hopes that one day he can redeem his master by training Anakin's son, who should have tons of promise and talent, to help bring balance back to the force. Anakin's son, Luke, is hidden with his Aunt and Uncle who also live on Tatooine. OB1 would remain in isolation until his presence is required again to protect and train Luke. For 10+ year OB1 is known as Ben Kenobi, not hearing his original serial number until re-uniting with Luke. Something that takes him in shock.

So what do you think? Good theory? I should have been one of the screenwriters for the Star Wars prequels... I think. However unfounded this theory is, I still think it may have been in the back of Lucas' mind at one time or another. I think Lucas got a little too distracted trying to edit the classic originals in order to have Han shoot second.

*None of this theory has been proven true, the story setup is one of my own to further my theory.

Want to add to this theory? Contact us at the address below.

UPDATE: After receiving an email from 'Jeff', I realized that with the close of the series by Sith, this theory is no longer a theory, but rather only an idea.

For the trailers, stills, clips, and synopsis, go to the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of 20th Century Fox

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