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Star Wars Theory- Did Anakin Balance the Force?

Published May 16, 2005 in Star Wars
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Lucas Film
Did Vader balance the force?
For all of those who remember my last Star Wars Theory, which can be READ HERE, my ideas may be a little extreme. Or are they? Since Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is only a couple days away, and I had a great response to the last Star Wars Rant about cloning, I figured I would re-post this theory that I wrote some time long ago... in a galaxy far, far, away. However, this topic is not as far-fetched as the last and, judging by my thoughts, I am sure there are others out there who believe in the same thing.

The Prophecy of the One Who Will Bring Balance to the Force

From the first film of the new trilogy, Phantom Menace, it is repeatedly mentioned that there is a prophecy that told of a person, a jedi, who would bring balance to the force. As the movie continues, Qui-Gon figures he finds this person in Anakin, the son of a slave woman who has had no [how do you say] gentlemen in her life. The force, or should I say midiclorians, decided to grant Shmi Skywalker [Anakin's mom] a son. A son that was naturally powerful with the force as he had a ton of midiclorians; 'even more so than Yoda.'

Quick side note: midiclorians are in your blood, but they supposedly do not truly exist like a red blood cell would. In my cloning theory, I stated that you should find those who are high in midiclorians and clone the shit out of them. Some one later wrote to me about an error in my judgment. The writer said that the midiclorians would not carry over to clones, as it was the force that decided how many you got, not genetics. I do not know if this is true or not, but definitely put a damper on my last argument. So I say it isn't true.

Alright, Anakin seems to be the likely contender to fill the prophecy known by all the jedi. However, as those who have seen the films know, Anakin fails at becoming a jedi master and, instead, joins powers with the Sith; the dark side. Anakin, now called Darth Vader, then helps the Sith to wipe out the Jedi orde and become an Empire. Now, most would argue that Anakin was probably not the one chosen to fulfill the prophecy. The guy switched sides, and then eradicated the good guys.

The Prophecy Lives on in Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI

In the original Star Wars trilogy [IV,V,VI], we begin with the tale of Luke Skywalker [Anakin's son]. Through this tale we learn of Darth Vader, who slowly grabs control of the entire Empire. While most see Vader as a bad dude, Luke still feels some good in him [he is his father after all]. Luke was not able to capitalize on this goodness until his final confrontation with Emperor Palpatine.

Now, here is the big question. Was it Luke or Anakin that brought a balance to the force, if either? What did balance of the force mean when it came to the prophecy?

Yoda and Luke discuss the Force and its balance.
First off, if you take a look at the whole timeline carried out between both trilogies, I think you will see that Anakin was definitely the chosen one for the prophecy. It is just that the prophecy was unclear on how balance was going to be brought back to the force. By balance, most would think that the good have to win. But this would be imbalance, as there is no dark to balance the light. The prophecy should have been a bad omen for the jedi order, as they thought the Sith, and the dark side, was pretty removed. The jedi were flourishing during the era just before the arrival of Anakin, and did not know the Sith were growing; even though they should have. The prophecy said a balance, meaning the dark would balance the light [meaning the Sith were growing to jedi order strength]. The only way to remove the dark is to also remove the light. That would balance the force.

The Teeter-Totter of the Force

Alright, lets take a look at Anakin's adventure in stages. As we progress, we will see how Anakin first played a major role to bring the force into balance, and then back out of balance, only to end up back in balance [or close to it].

Anakin Helps Bring the Force to Balance, but Shifts this Balance Too Much in Favor of the Sith
When Anakin joins the Sith, the dark side gets a huge jump in power. However, there are still some jedis out there doing their thing. As far as we know, the Sith only have a few real delegates that can wield the force, unlike the jedi order. Therefore, it is hunting season for the Sith as they attempt to kill all jedis and completely vanquish the order. Obviously, Anakin, now Vader, has a big role in this process.

Anakin sets out on Sith missions to assassinate, or convert, those who favor the light and can wield the force. As Anakin continues, the force paradigm begins to shift from the light to the dark. Sometime during this shift, the force finds itself in balance. However, this balance is only short lived. The last remaining survivors, that represent the light side, are forced to flee and hide. Among these are Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Sith slowly takes full power and soon becomes the Empire, instead of the Republic. Now the force is imbalanced again, but this time in favor of the dark side.

For the force to reach a balance, Yoda had to bite the bullet.
Anakin Flip-Flops to Bring the Force to an Equilibrium
In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, we witness a huge event at the end of the film. Vader turns on his master, Emperor Palpatine, in order to protect Luke. The end result is the death of Palpatine at the hands of Vader. Vader, from pre-distained injuries, dies a little while after. This, I believe, is the closest to an actual 'balance of the force.' Vader and Palpatine are gone, left is only Luke and Leia. Yoda dies of natural causes in Return of the Jedi. Some could say that the force may have selected for Yoda to die as it knew that Palpatine and Vader would soon be gone as well. By Yoda still being around, there would still be an imbalance to the force. The only Jedi left is Luke, and he isn't nearly as powerful [thanks to lack in training] as the original Jedi. Leia has force abilities, but hasn't even remotely discovered them. In The Empire Strikes Back, we see Leia and Luke use telepathy to contact one another [the scene near the end where Luke calls for Leia].

Remember how I said the balance could come from the removal of both the light and dark side? Well, this is what I believe the force meant to happen. True, harmonious, balance could only occur when both sides were removed to an almost non-existent level.

Anakin- the Key Player

If you remember, the Sith took advantage of hiding and only felt fit to reveal themselves once their power grew to a considerable extent. With the conversion of Anakin to the dark side, the Sith could begin showing their true strength. Without Anakin as the catalyst, the Sith may not have ever truly exposed themselves. Without exposure, the force would have continued to remain imbalanced unforeseen years in the future. But with Anakin, the Sith could now make their move. So, by the Sith revealing itself, and its founded power, it made the first step towards a balance. A confrontation had to occur between the opposite sides of the force, a confrontation that required the Sith to reveal themselves.

Anakin begins to join the switch... obviously

The next problem was Emperor Palpatine. With him, the force could never reach a balance, as not only is Palpatine extremely powerful, but he continuously strives to increase his force wielding ranks. The only way to get close enough to Palpatine was for Anakin to become Vader [not saying it was a choice], a trusted servant to Palpatine. Vader was allowed to be close to Palpatine and he also had the power to stand up to him [when the time came]. Without Vader/Anakin, Palpatine may have been able to go on unchallenged for a longer period of time. Thanks to Anakin, Palpatine was destroyed, helping bring balance to the force.

In the end, I do believe that Vader was the person that the prophecy had discussed. It still remains unclear on how the prophecy saw the balancing of the force to occur, but the number one fact was that it would take a key player; Anakin. Certain events had to occur: Sith reveals itself thanks to help from Anakin, Sith confronts Jedi Order, Sith vanquishes Jedi Order thanks to Anakin, Emperor Palpatine now exposed in the public eye, Anakin/Vader is close to Emperor Palpatine, Vader kills Palpatine and dies as well.


*That's it for this rant. If there are any errors, which I'm sure the die hard Star Wars fans will find, let me know.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Lucas Film

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