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Closer Review

Published May 17, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Sony Pictures
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I have recently had the pleasure of viewing the DVD of the film Closer, starring Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, and Jude Law. The film, which has the tagline 'If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking', is an interesting look at love, sex, and adultery... in all the best, and most honest, forms.

Closer- Movie Review

Having seen Closer, I still cannot accurately explain the plot behind the film, as I hardly understand it. From my one-time viewing of Closer, I can say that the film is only about four people and two main relationships. Now, these relationships definitely cross hands on numorous occasions in the film, but Closer makes sure to concentrate only on the four characters.

We have Dan [Jude Law] who encounters love at first site when he spots Alice just before she is bumped by a passing vehicle. After a quick visit to the hospital, Dan and Alice begin to date. Starting around this scene you must take caution of time in Closer. Time can jump forward anywhere from a couple of months to a year without any real signal except a single clue amidst the dialogue. So, if you are one of those people who has problems paying attention to films, then Closer may not be for you. However, if you enjoy films about sex and borderline perversion, then maybe you should sit in for Closer.

Closer Natalie Portman is the ultimate temptress
Having said that, we now jump in the future with Dan and Alice dating. However, during a routine photo shoot Dan encounters love at first site again, but this time with his photographer Anna [Julia Roberts]. Luckily for Dan, Anna feels the same way and they begin to have some passionate rendezvous'. However, a bump in the road comes in the form of Larry, a doctor who was tricked by Dan into accidentally meeting Anna at an aquarium. Once Dan realizes that his intended joke backfired and caused Larry and Anne to become a couple, Dan goes to work to get back in the good graces, and arms, of Anne.

Are you beginning to see how demented this film is? And, if you are already confused, don't worry, you will probably leave the ending of Closer confused as well. However, this does not mean that Closer is a bad film. Actually, for what it is, Closer is a great film. But don't ask my why exactly, cause I honestly don't know [explained later].

Closer The love square in Closer
Anywho, Larry and Anne are a pair and Dan and Alice are a pair [I would have chose Alice, as Natalie Portman is smoking hot in this film]. The only problem is that neither of these pairs are faithful and have no problem playing 'swinger' by going and hooking up with a member [of the opposite sex] from the other relationship.

I don't want to get too into details and ruin the film for you, but lets just say that some pretty messed up cheating occurs that may make some viewers giggle and some viewers uncomfortable. And, when that is not enough, Closer offers some of the most real 'perverted' conversations that can go on between couples. Be ready to hear Clive Owen ask Natalie Portman how her 'twat tastes' and other such niceties. Obviously, Closer is not one of those family films where you can have your young children present.

Final Judgment: Great acting from all the characters, an interesting story, and some of the most real and most perverted dialogue I have ever heard on film. In the end, Closer is one of those films you tell your friend that he/she must see, but you don't know exactly why. There is something so very twistedly real about Closer, that it leaves you in awe by the end of the film. The final little twist helps too.
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Sony Pictures

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