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Disney and Pixar Kiss and Makeup?

Published June 7, 2005 in Industry News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Pixar
Pixar The Pixar line-up
Disney and Pixar have always been an inseperable pair, at least until last year when failing talks between Michael Eisner [ex-CEO of Disney] and Steve Jobs [CEO of Pixar] caused relations to become more than uncomfortable. Hence, after never being able to agree to something that was financially fitting to both companies, Disney was forced to let Pixar go. The only problem now is that the Pixar films are all looking at sequels, and Disney is notoriously horrible with sequels. But hark! The new CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has Disney yet again looking to Pixar.

Iger & Jobs Talk Disney/Pixar

Let's face it, Disney and Pixar made a great pair. With the backing of Disney, Pixar went on to make great animated films such as Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. Actually, Pixar is batting 100% when it comes to great CG animated films. So why the heck could these two not work something out? Well, that seems to be the major question for Bob Iger who has not only restarted negotiations between Disney and Pixar for an extended contract, but has already had some positive success at warming the two companies relations.

According to Reuters, Iger states "The fact that we are having a dialogue is a really good thing, and it has been really healthy," Iger said. "We'd certainly like to find a way to continue to do business with them, and I think the feeling is mutual." Iger continues to say that even though talks have been good, he does not expect any new contract to form immediately. Iger states he is more concerned with the new DVD technologies such as HD-DVD.

For the whole report, go to Reuters

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from Pixar

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