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Wizard Calls Jessica Alba Sexy

Published June 29, 2005 in Hottie
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Wizard Magazine
Alba on Wizard Magazine Jessica Alba voted as most 'ooh-la-la'
Just got a nice little email alerting me that Jessica Alba is hot. Not that I needed anybody to tell me that, but it turns out that Wizard Magazine feels the same way.

Alba on Wizard Magazine

Ever since I saw Jessica Alba on the Cameron television series Dark Angel, I knew we had an upcoming hottie on our hands. Back then I thought she was the hottest chick on television, and fell in love with the episodes where she couldn't control her lust. Actually, I dreamt that I was the 'unlucky' guy that she would pull aside and just ravage.

Alba has been huge for 2005 with appearances in Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Into the Blue. If you have taken care to notice, each film attempts to take a shot at the fact that Alba is extremely hot and that the majority of male moviegoers would love to get a glimpse of her in something 'less.' For Sin City, Alba wore the underwear / leather chaps outfit, for Fantastic Four there are two scenes where she is shown in her undergarments, and most of her screen time in Into the Blue is in a bathing suit. Great promotional work!

Ok, so we know Jessica Alba is smoking hot, and to have to be told how hot she is by Wizard Magazine may be trivial. Or is it? In the latest issue, Wizard Magazine compares Alba to other on-screen hotties such as Angelina Jolie [so hot in Mr and Mrs Smith] and Kate Beckinsale [back in tight leather for Underworld: Evolution]. If you stood these three ladies up in front of me and forced me to choose just one, I'd probably go into an epileptic fit.

Here is a snippet with Jessica Alba and Wizard Magazine thanks to IESB.

WIZARD: Plus, it can't be easy walking around in that costume…

ALBA: It's just very, very tight! There's not a whole lot left to the imagination… All the boys got to wear muscle suits underneath their outfits, and I didn't have a muscle suit. I had a push-up bra. [ Laughs ] That's it. So it's revealing. I just had to embrace the costume and walk proud, because if you walk sloppy and not like you own it, then it looks silly on you. But yeah, you do feel weird. I wore a jacket a lot of the time.

To read the entire interview and 'Sexiest Superbabe of 2005' report, go purchase Wizard Magazine from local newsstands. You can see Jessica Alba on July 8th in Fantastic Four.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Wizard Magazine

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