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Pictures of the Corpse Bride

Published July 13, 2005 in Movie Stills
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
The Corpse Bride The Corpse Bride
Tim Burton has had a lot on his plate considering that he has not one but two films coming out within the next few month. He first teamed up with Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is due out this Friday. Besides live-action, Burton has been anxious to get back to his stop-motion animation days of Nightmare Before Christmas. His latest creation, The Corpse Bride, also features Johnny Depp as the two create a movie about one of the largest mix-ups when it comes to the phrase 'love you to death'.

Corpse Bride Pics

I just received all of these latest movie stills for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride today. However, I do recognize a few of them so I can only assume most of these have already been posted across the net. On that note, check out some new [to us] stills for The Corpse Bride.

The Corpse Bride 'Looks like somebody needs a bit of cheering up'

The Corpse Bride Impressing the lady with instrumental talent is always a way to go.

The Corpse Bride The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride 'Hello dead lady!'

The Corpse Bride re-awakens on October 14th.

For the trailers, movie stills, and synopsis, go to The Corpse Bride Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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