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True Lies 2 a Definite?

Published July 14, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from of Amazon
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If there is one sequel I have been dying to see made for about the past half-decade it would have to be True Lies 2. There have been so many 'discussions' about the possibility of the sequel that now I just think the reports are a cruel game from Cameron, Arnold, Tom Arnold, and all other cast from the original action-packed film. However, while the old reports always claim that True Lies is possible or 'maybe,' Tom Arnold now reports that it is a definite. Should we start getting excited?

True Lies 2

In a discussion with Star Mag, reposted by DarkHorizons, Tom Arnold claims that he has the official report when it comes to the status of True Lies 2. This fact is fine by me, considering that Tom Arnold was nothing short of hilarious in True Lies and a sequel would do him, and other cast, good. Here is what Tom Arnold had to say about the status of True Lies 2:

We all caught up - Jim [Cameron], Jamie [Lee Curtis], Eliza [Dushku], Bill [Paxton] and myself - to talk about True Lies 2 about a month ago in Cali. We're doing it. Definitely doing it. I'm revved. Unlike Terminator, which I think they're doing without Arnold, Jim's prepared to wait for the big guy. So am I. I've been waiting for ten years now - I'm sure I can hang on a few more months.

While it is hard not to get excited for a sequel to one of the best action films ever [Die Hard is probably the best], lets not blow the lid just yet. The good news is that Tom Arnold suggests a time period in 'months,' so maybe we will hear something official by this fall. If we don't receive anything official or further info by then, better just consider this scoop as false.

To check out the whole scoop, head over to DarkHorizons.

Stay tuned for updates.

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