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DOOM Suprises at Comic-Con

Published July 19, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures
When I first heard that Universal decided to go forward with the best selling video game DOOM, the same game that begun the gaming genre of FPS [first person shooter], I couldn't have been happier. In what seems like ages ago, DOOM opened the doorway to games such as Half-Life and Counter Strike [both of which I still play today]. This unrelenting horror is filled with alien-ish monsters, gore, blood, and just downright mayhem. Talk about the right elements for a kick ass film!

But then the reports started to float in claiming that Universal was trying to tone down the film and were considering throwing out some of the larger elements to the premise [such as the idea of Hell and a majority of the creatures]. After hearing some of this negative buzz we haven't heard much since. Things were not looking good for DOOM, starring The Rock and Karl Urban, or, at least up until its appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Doom Satisfies at Comic-Con

In a report posted by AICN on the DOOM panel, they state that they have seen all the perks to the film and couldn't be happier with the resolve. DOOM will keep an 'R' rating, will offer some of are favorite baddies that include imps, hellknight, and pinky demons to name a few, and will do a cool new filming technique that will allow gamers to directly relate to this FPS film. Just as in the game, imagine that the camera is behind the gun and the camera runs around rooms blasting alien monsters out of the way. From a clip that was shown from DOOM at Comic-Con, this is exactly what Andrzej Bartkowiak [director] is doing!

Check out a few snippets from AICN's report below:

The clip was what got me. It was about 3 minutes and it was called FPS something or other and there is a reason for it. We were told before it played that the clip showed something that hasn't been done in film before... they're kind of right... this has been done (POV... DePalma and Carpenter specifically use it well), but not in the context in which they did it.

This is where it really got me geeky. I love FPS (First Person Shooters) games and that love started with DOOM and Wolfenstein back in the day. So, it stands to reason that I loved the clip that followed because it was all done as a live action first person shooter.

The sounds, the score (temp, natch), the lighting and the sets were all straight out of the game. From the second he walks out the door, you hear the creatures and zombies.

To check out the whole report from the DOOM panel at Comic-Con, head over to AintitCool. They also mention that they were shown a finished trailer for the film, so expect this same DOOM trailer to come online shortly.

DOOM comes to theatres on October 21, 2005.

For movie info, stills and synopsis, go to the DOOM Movie Page

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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