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Go Crash Wedding Crashers!

Published July 19, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of New Line Cinema
Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are some of the best comedic actors of this generation; the only problem is that their latest films don't necessarily prove how funny these guys really are. Vince Vaughn jumped on the scene with his hilarious performance in Swingers. Soon after this film I looked for anything with the name Vaughn attached to the credits, but the only problem was that Vaughn decided to do non-comedic films such as The Lost World, Psycho, and The Cell; all of which offered no real opportunity for him to be funny in. Soon losing interest in these films, Vaughn returned to the genre that made him great. However, these films were not always good [Dodgeball makes me sick], and the excellent / hilarious ones did not feature Vaughn as the star. What happened to the guy who tells his buddies how money they are or how girls should be treated like bunnies?

The same holds true for Owen Wilson as well. After breaking onto the film circuit with Bottle Rocket and a cameo in The Cable Guy, Wilson quickly became the next funny man for his cameo antics on films such as Armageddon. By 2000 Owen Wilson was offered his first chance to really show how funny he was by co-starring in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan. This film was surprisingly funny, convincing me that not only did Chan find a nice venue in comedy but so did Wilson. Wilson's filmography got a little bumpy after this point with a mix of some good comedies and some bad cameos. Wilson attempted to return to the lead funny man in the sequel Shanghai Knights with negative results, had success in his cameo roles in the Meet the Parents films, but then picked up more sub-par films that included Starsky & Hutch, Around the World in 80 Days, and I Spy.

How is it possible that these two extremely funny comedic actors are having problems pulling in hit movies one after another? These guys know their funny, all they needed is an outlet to be themselves and let the adlibbed laughs come freely. Was their latest film, Wedding Crashers, the outlet that most moviegoers hoped would have them laughing in their seats? You bet your ass it is!

Wedding Crashers- Synopsis

Wedding Crashers Vaughn and Wilson team up to make us laugh
If you have seen any of the trailers for Wedding Crashers, than you probably already picked up on the simple premise behind the film. Two best friends, John Beckwith [Owen Wilson] and Jeremy Grey [Vince Vaughn], have been taught by a mentor [not revealed till the end of the film] on the basic rules and principles of how to crash weddings and take advantage of horny female guests and bridesmaids. While the principles have been successful on multiple occasions and sexual encounters, John is growing tired of crashing weddings.

In one of the last weddings to crash for 'wedding season', John and Jeremy decide to crash the wedding of Secretary Cleary's [Christopher Walken] daughter. The only problem is that Secretary Cleary has two other daughters, Claire [Rachel McAdams] and Gloria Cleary [Isla Fisher], which have managed to rope the best friends into after-wedding antics that include a trip to Secretary Cleary's vacation home.

While Jeremy was forced to go to accompany his new fling, Gloria, John further pushed the issue in order to pursue Claire, a committed girl that had grabbed John's full attention at first sight. Upon arrival to the Cleary vacation home, antics ensue that will have you howling in laughter.

Wedding Crashers- Review

Wedding Crashers Rachel McBride and her annoying boyfriend played by Bradley Cooper
Vaughn, Wilson, it is damn good to have you boys back! Each of you pushed your character's personality and not only made each character more than believable, but just as hilarious. Vaughn goes back to his Swingers humor with so many witty lines that I wished I had a pen to jot them all down.

But never mind the dialogue [which is great], because what makes Wedding Crashers so damn good is that David Dobkin, Steve Faber, and Bob Fisher have found a way to cover up a romantic comedy with R-rated humor. Wedding Crashers should satisfy most about everyone, just as long as they are over the age of 13. Yes, there is a lot of sexual humor and enough sets of nice breasts that would make you wonder how exactly the casting director screen tested some of the actresses. But, besides the raunchy humor, humor that will have you howling in laughter, Wedding Crashers shows its romantic and lovable side on numerous occasions. Guys, if your girl friend has been bothering you about seeing a date movie, grab a movie ticket and hurry her over to Wedding Crashers. I guess that means you will need two movie tickets.

The number one aspect that drives the story and the humor for Wedding Crashers are the characters. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson look like they are up to old habits as they offer up some of the best laughs I am sure to have all year. Christopher Walken is also loveable in the film, as he plays the role of a politician and very caring father; instead of the strange characters he is usually offered. However, I cannot forget to mention the ladies behind Wedding Crashers as well, as they have just as much to do with the film as do the men.

Jane Seymour plays the unfaithful wife to Secretary Cleary, Kathleen Cleary, as she attempts to seduce John into doing sexual exploits with her. Rachel McAdams, as usual, is beautiful in Wedding Crashers and gives more than full reason on why John fell for her as quickly as he did. But the best character of all comes from Isla Fisher who plays Cleary's other daughter Gloria. I have never seen this actress before, making me continuously ask 'who is this chick?' The character Gloria represents a good portion of the laughs for Wedding Crashers. Through her actions, dialogue, or jokes played on her, she will continuously have you laughing through out the entire film with her childish antics.

I never though any one of these young ladies would be able to stand up next to Vaughn and Wilson when it came to comedic performance, but Fisher shines beautifully. It was sheer genius by the casting director to pick some one like Isla Fisher, who is utterly adorable with her good looks, child-like features, and addicting personality.

I cannot tell you how happy I was by the closing credits of Wedding Crashers. This film does exactly what a comedy should and then some. By hiding the fact that the film is actually this summer's romantic comedy, Wedding Crashers may just become the best comedy of the year.


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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of New Line Cinema

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