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Voltron Headed to the Big Screen?

Published July 26, 2005 in Movie News
By Vince Palomarez | Image property Unknown
Voltron Voltron
A few weeks ago at the San Diego Comic Con, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay sat together at a panel to discuss a live action version of the popular cartoon Transformers. Well…….it didn't take long for Hollywood to jump on the robot bandwagon and find some other 80s cartoon with a big robot.

Voltron Movie in the Works

In a very odd announcement, with an equally odd pairing, The Hollywood Reporter announced today that producer Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot) and music producer extraordinaire Pharell Williams (The Neptunes, N.E.R.D) will team up to produce a live action film of the 80's cartoon Voltron. Williams will also create the films score to go along with his producing duties.

Voltron gained a huge following in the mid 80s as kids (me included) loved to follow the adventures of the 5 pilots chosen to pilot their lions and defend the universe from King Lothor and his army.

No word yet on exactly what version of Voltron they decided to settle on, but odds are they'll go with the five robotic lions over the large group of flying automobiles.

According to the report, no studio has signed up to finance the film so this movie is in the very early process of development. Expect to hear more news once Transformers starts production and studios want to get a piece of the 80s cartoon nostalgia pie.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Vince Palomarez
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