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New Aeon Flux Posters Online

Published July 27, 2005 in Movie Posters
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount Pictures
Whoa-ho! Though I am still unsure about the upcoming film Aeon Flux based off of the popular animated series on MTV, I have got to say that I am fully digging the new movie posters. Thanks to 'ryan', who alerted us that not one but two new movie posters for Aeon Flux have been posted online.

Aeon Flux Posters

The good people over at LatinoReview have got their hands on two new movie posters for the upcoming film Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron as Aeon, who acts as the top operative in a rebellion against her totalitarian government. Normally I would complain and say that I wish Charlize Theron had less on, the movie posters are just so cool that I am going to let it go... for now. Click on the poster below to check out both new posters for Aeon Flux in super-high resolution.

Aeon Flux Very nice Aeon Flux poster.

There are now three total movie posters for Aeon Flux, but only two of them actually show anything besides the logo to the film. Impressive work from Paramount, who are also some of the top people when it comes to online marketing. Can we expect a trailer soon? With the release date set for December 2nd of this year, I would hope for a trailer by the time summer begins to close out.

For other posters, movie stills and synopsis, go to the Aeon Flux Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount Pictures

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