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X-Men 3 Updates

Published July 27, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
X-Men X-Men
There are so many small updates for X-Men 3 being posted that you would think filming was about to begin. Well, guess what? Filming has already begun for the film! The only problem is that it the actual filming will begin in a week. Confused? Don't be, it turns out this first series of filming for X-Men 3 is strictly for the trailer. But when is that due out? No more questions!

X-Men 3 Updates

Here is a basic summary of all of the X-Men 3 updates that have been posted this week. The updates include additions to the cast, additions to the crew, and filming updates.

New X-Men Crew

According to xmenfilms, Mark Helfrich has signed on to become the final of three editors for X-Men 3. The other two editors for the film are Mark Goldblatt [Terminator 1 & Terminator 2] and Julia Wong [Erin Brockovich, Unfaithful]. With the addition of Mark Helfrich, who has always worked as an editor with Brett Ratner, we have a pretty good editor lineup for X-Men 3.

Besides editors, the X-Men 3 crew has picked up other various positions such as costume designer and unit directors. To check out all the details go to xmenfilms.

X-Men Filming Schedule

Reports have been ushering online stating that X-Men 3 has already begun filming. While this point is half true, the filming is actually for the X-Men 3 trailer. Superherohype had this scoop sent over to them:

Once again, (today) I came across the same crew filming crew of X-3. However, this time they were on Alcatraz. This time I was able to talk to one of them. They confirmed it was for X-3, and this was primarily for the X-3 trailer.

When can we expect the first trailer for X-Men 3? According to the reports, some time during early December.

Filming for the feature movie will begin in about a week.

X-Men Get Kiddy Pryde

IGN Filmforce has recently announced that the role of Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3 will be filled by fifteen - year - old actress Ellen Page. Ellen doesn't have the most extensive filmography, but is known for projects such as Hard Candy and the TV series Trailer Park Boys.

That's all of the X-Men 3 updates for now. For more movie info, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Sources: Image property of Marvel

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