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Halo Strikes on 2007

Published August 23, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Microsoft
Halo Movie Halo coming our way in 2007
Some time ago we posted that Fox and Universal were teaming up to bring us the film adaptation of the best-selling Microsoft game Halo. After a month-plus period of negotiations [lets assume they were intense considering how hard-nosed Microsoft was on the original agreement], the two distribution companies have announced that we can expect to see a live-action Master Chief in 2007.

Halo Release Date

Fox and Universal have agreed to pay Microsoft $5 million against 10% of the gross for Halo [versus $10 million and 15% as initially asked]. Universal and Fox have split up distribution duties with Universal taking the domestic market and Fox the foreign market.

Though Microsoft is getting a little bit less than originally demanded, don't worry, they will still have extensive consultation on the project; even though they have little say on what stays and goes for what could be the first film in a huge series. Here is a snippet from a report by Variety on the recent Halo announcement:

Tech giant is now guaranteed extensive consultation on the project, but won't have approval over any elements. Several employees at Bungie, the Microsoft-owned development studio that created "Halo," will serve as Microsoft's creative consultants.

"Our conversations in the last few weeks focused on the level of collaboration needed to bring this complex property to life," said Peter Moore, marketing and publishing VP for Microsoft's Xbox vidgame unit. "Ultimately, Universal is the expert responsible for making a powerfully commercial movie palatable to our demo."

Peter Schlessel will produce Halo, with the rest of the cast and crew still available for pickings. Some of the biggest news we can expect to hear this year on Halo will be the actor chosen to play Master Chief and the director chosen to take the helm. How about a call to Tony Scott or James Cameron to start?

Since we have some time to prepare for the 2007 release of Halo, I guess it is time to strap on the headset and begin threatening more small children while playing Halo 2 on XBox Live [little shit-talking bastards].

For a bit of humor, watch the video Talking Smack in Halo

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Microsoft

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