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Transporter 2 Review

Published September 3, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of 20th Century Fox
The Transporter 2 The Transporter 2
After watching the original film The Transporter starring Jason Statham I could only think of it as a cheesy film featuring a girl with an awkward accent, strange storyline, unbelievable relationships, but an ass kicking Jason as Frank Miller. The original film seemed to have only one single purpose-- try to have action, in both fighting and driving, cover up the unimpressive story. This plan worked for the most part and has now pushed into the sequel, The Transporter 2, with the return of Jason Statham.

The Transporter 2 Review

I don't know if Jason Statham has been brushing up on his martial arts and stunt abilities, but this guy is literally a superhero in The Transporter 2. If you are the type of moviegoer that is willing to stretch the realm of believability, if just a little, than you will probably have a great time with this film. Featuring a better story, a better cast and better action segments than the original, The Transporter 2 is a solid way to finish off the summer action blockbusters.

In Transporter 2 we see the return of Jason Statham [Snatch] as Frank Martin, an ex-special ops that has taken up the profession of being a contract driver for a living. However, for the current month, Frank is doing a friend a favor and playing chauffer for a powerful family living in Miami. During his stay, Martin unexpectedly forms a bond with their young boy, who later becomes a target for Columbian drug cartels. During a scheduled doctor visit, Frank encounters a team working for the cartel whose single mission is to get their hands on the boy. After an impressive shootout in the doctor's office, Frank gets forced into giving the boy over. However, now it is the cartel that has a problem, as Frank promised the boy that he would never let him get hurt, and Frank doesn't go back on a promise.

From the abduction of the boy till the end of the film we encounter Frank searching out those responsible for the abduction while also running from authorities; they believe he was in on the abduction. Though the film does feature a few easy laughs thanks to Miller's new French friend from the original Transporter, Tarconi [François Berléand], the most emphasis is easily placed on action, stunts and then more action.

The Transporter 2 Kate Nauta and Jason Statham face off.
When it comes to action, the fight scenes and stunts in The Transporter 2 are nothing short of impressive. I continue to be more impressed by Jason Statham as an action hero all the time, even though I still do love him in roles like Snatch or his upcoming film Revolver. The only scene that doesn't seem to work is the final fight inside the private jet. When this fight first begins inside the out of control plane it is so well done that I began to think that Louis Leterrier might have actually nailed this film. We watch Statham and Gassman roll around the top and bottom of the jet as it goes into a role. Something that is very well done and very cool. However, half way through the segment, the jet quickly looks like a cheap piece of CGI animation and the actions inside the jet does not mimic what is happening on the outside. For instance, as the jet stalls and goes into a spinning dive towards the ocean we watch the two characters just stand there and looking at one another. If a jet is in a spinning dive how could anybody stand?

Luckily, this was my biggest issue with the film. What came as a real surprise was that the story and characters offered a vast improvement over the original Transporter. The Asian chick with the horrid accent from the original was just too much to take. In her place we have Audrey Billings, who plays the role of the separated mother perfectly. Matthew Modine, who I thought would have been big for Transporter 2, played the role of the powerful government official and father, but seemed to only be walking through his part.

Besides the action and story, one of the best additions was Lola played by model Kate Nauta. Playing the part of sexy assassin, Lola was a character that guys would rather fascinate about than try to hurt. Wearing extremely naughty outfits, Kate Nauta is the eye candy for the film.

The best way to sum up The Transporter 2 is whether or not you like the original. Even though Transporter 2 is so many levels above the original, the film still has a lot of the same elements. If you thought Transporter was just OK, you are most likely going to like The Transporter 2. If you enjoyed The Transporter, then you should love the sequel.


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Ryan Parsons
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