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Viggo Mortensen vs. Gerard Butler

Published September 6, 2005 in Movie Discussion
By Ryan Parsons | Images created here off images from WireImage
Butler vs Mortensen Gerard Butler vs Viggo Mortensen
We've had it! Even when the poll is finished we get no less than fifty emails a day from our readers still telling us who they think the top actor should be-- Viggo Mortensen or Gerard Butler. Though this debate should be settled pretty quickly after each individual is inserted into our Star Database, for the time being we need to give YOU, the fans, another way to vent your loyalty.

Vote Viggo or Gerard

It has been a while since we have had a 'Face Off' and what a better way to get it up and running again then by having the next 'Face Off' occur between Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen. This should allow a lot of the fans the ability to vote for either 'sexy', 'hot', 'poetic', 'romantic', and 'sensitive' actor that they prefer. Her is my two cents on how that will go...

The fan base for Gerard Butler is surprisingly [in a good way] strong. We have gotten more emails gushing over Brett Butler than anyone else. However, the fan base behind Viggo Mortensen is extremely loyal and surprisingly deep. Almost every email we got from them, though a little less then Butler, was long and extremely thoughtful.

The competition between the fans for these two actors is tough, with little way to really know who the top actor is except for this preview poll. So stop reading and start voting by heading over to Gerard Butler vs. Viggo Mortensen.

I am currently working with fan sites to make sure that both these gentlemen are inserted into our Star Database quickly and efficiently.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images created here off images from WireImage

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