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Results are In! Mortensen vs. Butler

Published September 9, 2005 in Movie Discussion
By Ryan Parsons | Images created here off images from WireImage
Butler vs Mortensen Gerard Butler vs Viggo Mortensen
We've done it! It is just about 3 AM in the morning PST, the internet is not working, and I have finally finished figuring out all the legit numbers for the recent poll between Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen. In the poll we asked a simple question-- which actor is better? Now, the votes don't just reflect acting style, but the overall character of the actor as well. So, how did the results turn up? Check this out!

Vote Viggo or Gerard: The results

At the time of writing this article we currently have 151,028 votes registered for either Gerard Butler or Viggo Mortensen. These numbers alone make we want to announce that both these actors are winners in our hearts for just being able to accrue so many votes in only a couple of days. But, knowing you die hard fans out there [ladies, you know who I am talking about], I guess announcing that both Viggo Mortensen and Gerard Butler were both #1 would be enough to earn me hate mail for a couple of weeks.

So, without further ado, here are the stats from the poll between Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen:

Total Votes: 151,028
Gerard Butler
Total Votes: 81,190
Unique Votes: 7,943
Viggo Mortensen
Total Votes: 69,838
Unique Votes: 5,082

Alright, judging by the votes alone, anybody can tell that Gerard Butler won the contest of Best Actor thanks to the support of his fans. However, there are a few areas here that need to be looked at before we can announce a winner.

Fan Sites: While viewing our stats we noticed that a good amount of Gerard Butler voters were coming from Gerard Butler fan sites. Our stats claim that three separate websites, with the big one being GerardButler.Net, have sent a good portion of fans to our recent debate to vote [thanks!]. Though we did also receive traffic from sites supporting Viggo, not as much as those supporting Gerard.

Emails: To be honest, since the beginning of this poll the emails have been spot on. Though I didn't count, I can say that the amount of emails that we received for each actor was about the same for both sides. The Gerard Butler fans show a lot of love and devotion to the actor with short, but concise, emails. The Viggo Mortensen fans, on the other hand, can write books of information on the actor and have no problem throwing an entire essay together to send over; talk about devotion! How many emails did we get? Well, I created the poll to cut down on emails, but we still probably got around 150-200 while the poll was running. Luckily, that was still a lot less than before.

So, what is the final conclusion? Who is the winner?

Gerard Butler

That's it! You've heard it here! However, I do again want to remind the fans that it is you, not the actors, that made this poll so much fun. No matter whom you supported, the amount of votes and emails from both sides convinced me that these guys are the SHIT.

Films to see: Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie, Beowulf & Grendel, 300 and A History of Violence.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images created here off images from WireImage

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