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First V for Vendetta Review

Published December 13, 2005 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Poster
Ever since we have become aroused with the four recently released movie posters for the upcoming Wachowski/Silver film V for Vendetta, there has been a void that we thought would have been flooded with tons of 'V' goodness. However, besides a couple movie stills it has almost been a month since we have had anything to report on the film. We need something for the graphic novel adaptation and we need it now. What is that? An early review you say? The film is damn good you say? Well, bring it on!

V for Vendetta Review

The good people over at AintitCool.Com have recently posted the first early review for the Warner Bros adaptation of the graphic novel V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Everything discussed in the review sounds pretty sick, with the only thing annoying me is that the reviewer seems to think that the film is the voice of wisdom and should be taken seriously by people of America and Britain. Ok, take it easy. Since the graphic novel was written long before the film, try not to find much of a similarity to the events in the film and what is going on in the world today. Actually, it just sort of bugs me when people look at a film and find strong political wisdom in it. The film was made by a film crew, not a bunch of scholars. Each person in this world has their own agenda, including those who make films.

But never mind all that. I had long feared that the adaptation would suck since Moore wasn't all that hot on the film's turnout and the fact that the release date was pushed back; remember, remember the fifth of what? However, with a first review that is extremely positive, I guess it is time to start getting excited once more.

This review will assume that you have read the graphic novel. I really don't know how else to write it. If you have not read Alan Moore's graphic novel, I urge you to read it before reading this review. If you want to be unspoiled about the film and the story, I'll say this: I think this is an extraordinarily important film, but the ad campaign that the WB is presenting at this time will make the film really hated by a lot of people. It's not THE MATRIX. Strictly speaking, V FOR VENDETTA isn't even an action film in the strictest sence. The action scenes it does have are few and only last a couple of minutes. For those having not read the book, V FOR VENDETTA is a brave film that tries to find the truth in our confusing times - what is our role in our government? And how much can we stand up to oppression before it becomes terrorism? It's a film that definitely needs to be seen and discussed, especially in America and Britain, and I hope everyone that has a chance to see it does so and joins the great conversation about what freedom really means. From here out, stop reading, if you haven't read the graphic novel.

I realize I've written some about V FOR VENDETTA already in my BNAT 7 review, but it's been more than 24 hours now, and the film simply will not leave my mind. I'm an optimist. I generally think that good things always happen and that if you wait around long enough the world will eventually right itself if things are bad. I'm not sure how this has anything to do with V FOR VENDETTA, but when that film was over I had such a feeling of satisfaction and of karma wheeling around again. I think that if people let it, V FOR VENDETTA could change lives. And at the same time, I am afraid of how wildly misinterpreted it will be.

The review goes on to point out how close the film adaptation is to the graphic novel and how happy Alan Moore should be with the final outcome.

You can check out the entire review over at AintitCool.Com.

V for Vendetta will be released to theatres on March 17th, 2006.

For movie stills, movie trailers, movie posters, and additional movie info, go to the V for Vendetta Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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