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I Give You King Kong

Published December 14, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Disney
King Kong King Kong
Over the past half-decade Hollywood and the rest of the moviegoing community have come to know Peter Jackson, the man who made New Zealand, as a real-life hobbit. However, what we didn’t know is that Peter Jackson is not a hobbit at all, as his talents spread far beyond the realm of Hobbiton. Instead, Peter Jackson is more like a slimmed down Santa Claus, a figure who we have come to wait upon every December. The gift from ‘Santa’ is always the biggest and usually your favorite and, for 2005, Jackson has delivered once again.

King Kong Movie Review

King Kong, Peter Jackson’s latest creation with the help of longtime cohorts Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, is why we go to see movies. The film is so bold, so strong and so breathtaking that most should leave theatres in awe-- they have just seen the 8th Wonder of the World. Since everybody knows the doomed story of Kong I figured I would just touch on a few details and then force you to get out of your chairs and into your local theatres.

Naomi Watts, Naomi Watts, Naomi Watts. The entire emotion and tone of King Kong sits on her and Kong’s shoulders. Kong is a marvel to look at and the best CG character created to date. You will see multiple facial expressions from the creature that shall convince audiences that the beast’s heart may be as large as his roar. However, without the emotional support from Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow), a huge aspect of King Kong could have collapsed. Watts is simply incredible in this film and I expect to see her get at least an Oscar nod for Best Actress at the next Academy Awards ceremony.

On that note, all of the cast and even the cameo actors play excellent roles in King Kong. Jack Black was an obvious risk as the part of selfish director Carl Denham. However, he played the part well and even featured a couple great one-liners through out the film. This may be one of the first films where you truly hate the guy’s character. Peter Jackson also gave Black a little bit of room to be himself, further allowing him to make the role of Denham his own. Black also had a couple great lines that made fun of Hollywood including, ‘You can trust me, I'm a movie producer!’

King Kong King Kong
Adrien Brody also played a great role as Jack Driscoll, a writer who becomes adventurer in the name of his love for Ann Darrow. Though I hate leaving names out in a film as big as King Kong, just know that every actor played their part at top-notch standards. It was also refreshing to see Andy Serkis in a bigger role for this Peter Jackson film. Not only did he help create the movements of the character Kong but also played the cook who meets a horrible demise.

What else is there to say? Everything in King Kong hits including the music from composer James Newton Howard. However, after watching the film with a good friend of mine (Taylor) I have come to realize that two different types of moviegoers will see King Kong. Depending on which type you are will decide how much you will enjoy the film. There are some out there that won’t understand the connection between Ann Darrow and Kong. In the original it seemed as if Kong wanted to make Ann his little sex puppet. Thankfully, Peter Jackson has used more tact in his approach and introduces both characters as lonely individuals who are lost in the world. Ann knows it and Kong realizes it once he begins to long for her companionship. Therefore we are left without any sexual admiration but one of strict love and understanding; beautifully done.

If you are not convinced by the relationship between Darrow and Kong, then you will most likely leave the theatre thinking what a great film you had just witnessed; but that will be it. If you do become involved with the two characters relationship, get ready to call King Kong the best movie of the year.


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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Disney

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