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The Frighteners Coming in SE?

Published December 21, 2005 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Amazon
The Frighteners Purchase The Frighteners at Amazon
Since the news has been a little slow of late we have been watching our mail box pretty close for any scoops that my catch ours, and our readers, interest. One such scoop came in from 'Shannon' about the possible release of Peter Jackson's The Frighteners in special edition format.

Frighteners to Return to DVD

Though The Frighteners was essentially a flop when it came to sales receipts, the film was still pretty damn cool; and funny. Peter Jackson created the scariest and best looking Grim Reaper I have ever seen (just a warm-up to the special effects he has dazzled us with over the past half-decade) and Michael J. Fox played his role perfectly. The only thing awkward about The Frighteners was that it featured an awkward mix of humor and horror; but is that enough have caused so many viewers to shy away?

Well, now that Peter Jackson's popularity is growing I guess he figured he would give The Frighteners another shot:

Merry Christmas first of all.

Secondly, just watching ET Tonight and they mentioned a new special edition DVD Release of one of his older films, “The Frighteners” (can you believe I have never seen it?). Had Peter Jackson talking about it.

According to Jackson, he’s hoping the DVD sells “in droves” because he’d love to do a sequel. He said that DVD sales are really what it’s all about these days – and if this new version makes a hefty sum on DVD, he’ll try and convince Universal to take a chance on another “Frighteners”. He said he’d love to have Michael J.Fox back – if even only for a small role.

As for the “Hobbit” prequel, he said that Sony now owns the rights to that – it use to be with MGM – but at the moment, they haven’t contacted him about it.

They then went into the Kong box office figures for the weekend.

Though the flop of The Frighteners definitely had to be a disappointment for Jackson back in the day, let's take a look at it the other way. If The Frighteners hadn't bombed, then Peter Jackson would have maybe been given the greenlight on a smaller-budget version of King Kong; meaning no Lord of the Rings. You know when you don't get hired for a job and all your friends tell you that 'it was all for the best'? Well, in the case of Peter Jackson, having The Frighteners flop could have been the best thing to ever happen to him. After he got rejected for King Kong the director immediately went to work on Lord of the Rings; and the rest is history.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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