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Reviews on the Run: Fun with Dick and Jane

Published December 29, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Vince Palomarez | Images property of Columbia Pictures
Fun with Dick and Jane Poster Fun with Dick & Jane
Hey folks, due to being on vacation this week I won’t be able to get you any full reviews this week. I did see some films that I want to talk about so here is the first quick review of three films I’ve recently seen.

Fun with Dick & Jane Movie Review

Fun with Dick and Jane: There was so much promise for this film leading up to its release, the finished product is quite sad. Here you have Judd Apatow--fresh off his success with The 40-Year Old Virgin--writing the screenplay, an interesting plot (a family turns to robbery in order to survive), Tea Leoni and of course Jim Carrey, yet it still fails miserably? How can a film with so much talent turn out to be a bomb? There is one answer for that; it is called the Shtick Coma. Sometimes when a comedian is doing his/her thing, they tend to go overboard trying to maximize the funny. By going overboard they suck whatever funny was in the joke out and all you are left with is a person acting incredibly annoying. This is the Shtick Coma and sadly Jim Carrey is in it throughout the film. Every funny bit he does is completely ruined when he feels the need to overdo it to get more laughs. If he was a little subdued in this film, it would have easily been more enjoyable. There are a few laugh out loud moments, but they aren’t enough to make up for Carrey’s Shtick Coma. In the end all you are left with is a mediocre comedy.


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Vince Palomarez
Sources: Images property of Columbia Pictures

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