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First one Awake

Published January 5, 2006 in Movie Stills
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of The Weinstein Company
Two of the major reasons we have been keeping track of The Weinstein Co.'s upcoming thriller, Awake, is because it stars Darth Vader himself, Hayden Christensen, and my biggest crush in film, Jessica Alba.

First he knocks up Natalie Portman (ROTS) and now he gets Jessica Alba? Christensen is soooo lucky!

Awake Movie Still

Awake is a psychological thriller about a common occurrence called "anesthetic awareness", a horrifying phenomenon wherein a patient's (Hayden Christensen) failed anesthesia leaves fully conscious but physically paralyzed during surgery. The patient's charming new wife (Jessica Alba) is forced to struggle with her own demons as a terrifying drama unfolds around the couple. Also starring Lena Olin, Terrence Howard, and Sam Robards, the film marks the debut of Joby Harold.

The good people over at BlackFilm have recently posted the first official movie still for Awake featuring Alba and Christensen.

Awake Awake

Since The Weinstein Company has still not released a permanent release date for Awake, which means we are going to have to just take the updates for the film as they come; or when they come.

Awake will come to theatres some time in 2006.

For more movie info, head over to the Awake Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of The Weinstein Company

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