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Rumor Has It Review

Published January 10, 2006 in Movie Reviews
By Kasey Schiedeck | Images property of Warner Bros Pictures
Rumor Has It Rumor Has It
I will be one of the first to declare that Rumor Has It is actually a good movie. After several delays and staff re-shuffling, director Rob Reiner was hired to guide the film properly and he has done a sufficient job. In compensation for a silly venture, we get an agreeable and emotional conclusion that makes the ride worthwhile.

Rumor Has It Movie Review

Jennifer Aniston stars as Sarah Huttinger, a 39-year-old small time journalist from New York who, with her unannounced fiancť Jeff (Mark Ruffalo), returns to her hometown of Pasadena for her sisterís wedding (Mena Suvari). There Sarah learns that her family may have been the inspiration for the 1967 film The Gradate and its predeceasing book. Compelled by the surety that there must be a dark secret buried in her past that somehow explains her innate isolation from her family, Sarah travels to San Francisco to meet Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner), the man her mother ran off with a week before her marriage and the same man who had an illustrious affair with Sarahís grandmother Katherine (Shirley MacLaine) shortly before. There (not a major plot spoiler) Sarah too falls for the famous lad and spends the remainder of the movie cleaning up after herself.

It takes a good deal of meandering for Sarah to realize the truth about her familyís past and thus discover important information she should have already guessed about her own life and future. However impractical, the journey we take with her is quite engrossing.

As a leading lady, Aniston is far better matched as the beautiful, stylish and questionably affluent New Yorker with her fitted outfits and perfectly blown out hair. Last fallís Derailed allowed for far less allure making her appearance in Rumor Has It even more ingratiating as the film ensues.

Costner is well cast as the educated and adventurous Beau Burroughs although a fling with both Sarah and Katherine is hard to swallow seeing the three onscreen all at once. I must say that Richard Jenkins as Sarahís dad and MacClaine as dear old Katherine take the cake with acting credits. Jenkins, also seen in North Country and the recent Fun with Dick and Jane is quite versatile. As always, MacClaine outacts all other who dare to encounter her screen presence with her witty and fierce performance.


Warner Bros.
Directed by Rob Weiner
Written by Ted Griffin
Sarah Huttinger: Jennifer Aniston
Beau Burroughs: Kevin Costner
Katherin Richelieu: Shirley MacLaine
Jeff Daly: Mark Ruffalo
Earl Huttinger: Richard Jenkins
Roger McManus: Christopher McDonald
Annie Huttinger: Mena Suvari

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Kasey Schiedeck
Sources: Images property of Warner Bros Pictures

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