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Mailbag: Fans Want Venom and Schreiber

Published January 13, 2006 in Movie Discussion
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of unknown
Liev Shreiber- Two Face Fan pic supporting Liev Schreiber for the role of Two Face.
We have been getting so much email lately (many to do with LOST) that I figured we'd jump into a couple that at least came with some attached pics. Earlier this week we mentioned how Josh Lucas was rumored to be a contender for the role of Two Face in the sequel to Batman Begins; along with actor Liev Schreiber. Well, it seems that fans would rather have Liev Schreiber play the role of Two Face over Lucas (more below).

Other than Two Face, we also continuously receive email with people guessing whether or not Venom will appear in Spider-Man 3 based on the latest rumors and scoops they here. We like to claim that he is, but we still have no official confirmation from Raimi or Sony; so, to avoid disappointment, assume he isn't. However, most of the emails claim to WANT Venom in Spider-Man 3 and one person even sent over a fan-picture.

Mailbag: Liev for Two Face and Venom for Spider-Man 3

Below are a couple email messages we had received on the possibility of Liev Schreiber becoming Two Face for the next Batman sequel. One of the emails was sent over from Fi-Sci featuring a picture of Liev Shreiber as Two Face. Remember, this picture is NOT real and is only the work of fans.

Personally, I have always hoped for bigger roles for Schreiber and think he can play a convincing Two Face. Remember how cool Schreiber was in Sum of All Fears?

Anywho, here are a few of the emails below:

'thx': shreiber, shreiber, shreiber for TWO FACE.

'saint': I read your article on Josh Lucas and Two Face... Josh Lucas makes a great choice for the part but Schreiber is better because he is a less known actor. Schreiber can without a doubt act both sides of Two Face.

'eric': Liev as Two-Face? Looks the goods eh? Schreiber as Two Face, Adrian Brody as The Joker and Bale as Batman!?!? Now you've got a movie! All they need to do is find a leading lady that wasn't as useless as Holmes! Oh well....All hopes and dreams at this point.....

I like how 'thx' was all geeked on Schreiber but still happened to misspell his name.

Spider-Man vs Venom Fans want Spidy vs Venom
We also received an email from 'Nick' on the Venom debate and he claims that Venom is an absolute; with even a supposed movie still to prove it

An extremely reliable source of mine sent me an email with the first photo of Venom in it. He is battling Spider-Man on top of a skyscraper. The actor in the suit will not be Topher Grace (who is playing Eddie Brock the photographer who later becomes Venom) but will instead be donned by Ray Lykins who was the stunt double as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2. Here is the link to Ray Lykin's IMDB page: It should also be noted that Spider-Man's costume is similar to his costume in the previous movies.

If I was to look at this picture should I guess they are fighting on a skyscraper away from the city? Are they over the water right now? Though 'Nick' claims this image to be legit, it also looks doctored. So, take it as some more fan art for now.

Do you want Venom in Spider-Man 3 or were you hoping for somebody else?

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of unknown

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