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The Da Vinci Controversy

Published January 20, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Sony Pictures
The Da Vinci Code Teaser poster for The Da Vinci Code
With Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code receiving so much controversial flak from various groups including Catholics there was no doubt that this same controversy would transfer over to the film from Ron Howard.

However, though controversy could be a bad thing for politicians and corporations, for a film of this stature the controversy may just help fuel further hype. Heck, Ron Howard seems excited on the prospects.

Ron Howard on Da Vinci Code

Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Ron Howard and got him to share some of his thoughts on the controversy that surrounds his upcoming film The Da Vinci Code.

''Not to be glib,'' says director Ron Howard of adapting Dan Brown's 2003 mega-blockbusting novel, ''but I understood going in that it was going to be controversial. I think good fiction stimulates good controversy or discussion.''

One of the major reasons the plot to The Da Vinci Code is so controversial is that it looks at the beginning fabric of Christianity and the Catholic Church and claims that there is an ancient cover up that can destroy all we have come to understand about religion. Just as a hint, the story will take a closer look at the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene; a female figure that the Catholic Church claims to be a whore (or ex-whore).

Personally I feel the biggest controversy behind the film should be one single question-- Why the hell didn't they make Angels & Demons first? Though this book did not sell as well as The Da Vinci Code it was still a top-seller and, in my opinion, a better story. Besides, it is the first book in the Robert Langdon tales and would be a perfect warm-up to a Da Vinci Code sequel.

Let's be honest-- these films are sure to do well at the box office therefore limiting the risk behind creating both films at once.

Any other controversy around the film? How about what the hell is going on with Tom Hanks' hair?

Check out the entire report at Entertainment Weekly.

The Da Vinci Code will hit theatres on May 19th.

For movie stills, the trailers, synopsis and more movie info, go to The Da Vinci Code Movie Page

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Sony Pictures

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