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Four Ways Poseidon is Different

Published January 20, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Poseidon Teaser Poster Poseidon Teaser Poster
A lot of the fans behind the original Poseidon Adventure scratch their heads on the reason for a remake; similar to what the fans for Willy Wonka did. However, Warner Bros Pictures is battling waves in order to prove that, though the upcoming Poseidon is in fact a remake, the differences to be encountered, other than the title, will help fill theatre seats.

Poseidon vs Poseidon Adventure

Entertainment Weekly recently posted a editorial on the upcoming Warner Bros film Poseidon and the four differences that this remake has over the original. Actually, one of the differences they claim is the title, so let's just say three differences.

IT LOOKS GOOD There will be no shots resembling a toy boat in a bathtub ($175 million buys some nifty effects). ''It's charming to see the [old] film now,'' says Wolfgang Petersen, who directed a cast led by Kurt Russell. This version will be packed with CG shots akin to his Perfect Storm killer wave.

The tsunami and Katrina added a level of realism to the shoot. Josh Lucas (pictured) says his performance was informed by the ''story of a policeman in New Orleans in an attic where the water was rising,'' adding a greater ''sense of responsibility.''

A $175 million budget? That is $50 million more than we were originally told. I guess once a studio hits a certain amount they ask themselves a numbers question-- How much is another $50 million?

Feeling that most films may tone down their budgets since King Kong struggled to hit its budget marker at the domestic box office, I am a bit in disbelief that so much would be going into this.

Superman Returns and X-Men 3 have budgets set between $200 and $250 million; so I guess $175 isn't too bad. Hell, I am praying that 20th Century Fox will throw $100 million on their upcoming fantasy Eragon. Should we ask for more?

Before we get too distracted with budgets check out the entire report on Poseidon over at Entertainment Weekly.

Poseidon comes to theatres on May 12th 2006.

For the video journals, teaser trailer, synopsis and movie info, go to the Poseidon Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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