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Underworld: Evolution Review

Published January 24, 2006 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Sony Screem Gems
Underworld Evolution Underworld: Evolution
In continuing the story left off at the end of Underworld, Len Wiseman does not offer an entirely new film. Instead, Underworld: Evolution picks up only minutes after Underworld ended. In doing so Len Wiseman opens off the sequel with a quick history on the creation of Vampires and Werewolves.

Underworld: Evolution Movie Review

We learn of twin brothers, William and Markus, each bitten by a separate animal-- a bat and a wolf --and therefore the beginning bloodlines to each of the feuding races. William is soon captured by the newly formed vampire race and Markus is forced to live with the decision to entomb his brother for centuries to come.

At the beginning of Underworld: Evolution it seems like we could have a story up to par with the original. However, as the film rolls on we come to learn that the story is a lot simpler than it seems.

Overall premise: Selene (Kate Beckinsale) must kill the head vampire, Markus, before he releases his brother William into society. The only problem is that she must also keep her new half-breed boyfriend, Michael (Scott Speedman), safe while fighting the crème dela crème of vampires.

Where the story lacks in substance Len Wiseman fills in with blood, gore and more blood. Underworld: Evolution is much gorier than the original and Len Wiseman spends every budgeted dollar to ensure the best of deaths and fight sequences; which are good mind you.

Underworld: Evolution is to Underworld what Blade II is to Blade. Both films give up much of a storyline to deliver non-stop action and gore. However, I have to admit that I enjoyed Blade II a little more.

Underworld Evolution Kate Beckinsale is Selene in Underworld: Evolution
Don’t get me wrong, seeing Kate Beckinsale run around in tights and become involved in a semi-nude scene was, well, the tits. However, besides this and the intense action Underworld: Evolution never fully delivers.

If Len Wiseman had only taken a part of the budget out of the action and effects and put that into better story development we could have had something really cool. Hell, most moviegoers won’t even be able to tell who is who (in terms of which side each group is on) until the latter half of the film.

Underworld: Evolution is the poster film for your standard summer blockbuster; tons of action, tons of flesh and tons of gore. Unfortunately we haven’t reached summer yet and most moviegoers are still hoping for a more considerate story.

The one perk we do have is that there is still a chance for another Underworld sequel, and we will be just as anxious to see that film as well.


Stay tuned for updates.

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