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Smith's Top Ten of 2005

Published January 26, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Kevin Smith's Blog
Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
We here at CanMag.Com always dig when people name their own film favorites for a particular year, month or even all-time. Therefore, you will usually find articles predicting award shows, box office numbers and what the next top film will be.

Because we are so geeked on things such as top-ten lists, it was hard to pass by Kevin 'Silent Bob' Smith's own personal favorites for 2005.

Weinstein Co. Gets Financing

Thanks to the heads up from 'lonhead' who pointed out that Kevin Smith's official blog, silentbobspeaks, now has a post on Kevin Smith's top ten films for 2005. We are assuming 'lonhead' discovered the list thanks to the help, or should we say link, from the good people over at Joblo; who claim to be almost too geeked on Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith's list of top films is great because he has some very unexpected choices for 2005.

The One I’ll Take Shit For, Part 1: War of the Worlds
Fuck you, I dug it. It was my favorite movie of last year, hands-down. “War” is a well-made, edge-of-your-seat thriller, and Dakota Fanning is awesome in it. Even though we all knew the ending, Mr. Spielberg somehow made this a gripping watch.

The One Everybody Likes: Brokeback Mountain
This ain’t just the gay cowboy movie: it’s the saddest flick I’ve seen all year. And I love sad flicks - particularly well-made/well-acted ones about people not living their lives the way they really want to. Heath Ledger didn’t give a performance in this flick: his Ennis exists - that’s how genius his non-performance was. Not since Billy Bob Thorton in Raimi’s underrated “A Simple Plan” has an actor been buried so deep in a character that you forget there’s acting going on. Ang Lee, whose film directorial choices are always all over the place in a great way (”Wedding Banquet” to “Sense and Sensibility” to “Hulk” to “Brokeback”) made a great, great film.

The One I’ll Take Shit For, Part 2: Revenge of the Sith
Fuck you, I dug it. I thought it was a great way to end the “Star Wars” saga. Dismiss me all you want, but c’mon: that was a fantastic opening half hour. And at the end of it all, we got Vader back in black.

The One That Made Me Happy: Crash
Such a good flick. And no unhappy endings (well, mostly).

The One That Made Me Feel Dumb: Syriana
I loved “Traffic”, so it was no stretch to love this flick, too. Great script, great performances. And it confirmed my worst fears about pool lights.

The One I’ll Take Shit For, Part 3: Dreamer
Fuck you, I dug it. The trailer made me cry more than the movie, but I felt it was still a great watch. Once again, that Dakota kid’s awesome. And why didn’t anyone else ever think to pair up Kris Kristoferson and Kurt Russell as father and son before? “I love the stupid King” too.

The One That Surprised Me: Cinderella Man
Alright, there were one too many instances of “People were so poor during the Depression…” (”How poor were they?”), but the second half of the flick more than made up for it. Great performances all around (especially Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti), and a unusally good job by Ron Howard. And not being well-versed in sports lore, I was so glad to not know how it was gonna end.

The One That Made Me Feel Guilty for Not Doing More: The Constant Gardener
Strong, well-made flick, with great performances, but fuck, did it leave me feeling like I’m not doing enough for the world outside my own.

The One That Did the Impossible: Sin City
Robert and Frank Miller somehow managed to take the “Sin City” graphic novels and put ‘em up on screen as… the “Sin City” graphic novels. This flick was, visually, an amazing achievement, and fun as fuck to watch.

The One That Reminded Me of Why I Got Into Film in the First Place: Junebug
It’s out on DVD now. Pick it up and give it a watch - not just for Amy Adams’ performance, but because it’s a really wonderfully drawn, quiet portrait of small town life and manners. This flick really stuck with me.

I think I would definitely have to give Smith a ton more shit for War of the Worlds than Revenge of the Sith. If War of the Worlds ended with the same type of production as the first thirty minutes then the film would have been amazing.

Revenge of the Sith, on the other hand, was a geek fantasy come true.

Check out the rest of the report from Kevin Smith that includes his honerable mentions.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Kevin Smith's Blog

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