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Seagal to be a Prince

Published January 31, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of unknown
Steven Seagal Steven Seagal
I can't remember that last Steven Seagal film that I actually thought was good. After the original Under Siege, Seagal followed the route of many 'kicking' action heroes by slowly disappearing from the spotlight with films that kept getting worse rather than better. I have to wonder if Van Damme and him don't just sit around and try to figure out where 'kicking' went wrong.

However, it looks like Seagal is ready for a comeback and New Orleans may be the location to do it.

Prince of Pistols Shoots in New Orleans

According to Clint Morris over at MovieHole, Steven Seagal has pushed his production crew into shooting in the hurting area of New Orleans.

Seems Steven Seagal isn’t a bad guy after all. In an effort to get some currency back into the ravaged New Orleans community, the big guy has insisted he shoot his new movie “Prince of Pistols” in New Orleans.

Writer Joe Halpin says, “I just left there after scouting a few locations. It's pretty sad. A lot of devastation. That's one of the main reasons Steven insisted on shooting it there - he wants to get some money back into the community.”

Haplin claims the film, which could be Seagal’s semi-comeback, is “ a modern day tale of revenge. There'll be lots of Blues legends in it. And it will feature some of Steven's own music. This one has a bigger budget and is with Screen Gems”.

Prince of Pistols is one of several films about to get going in the New Orleans area. Tony Scott’s prepping Déjà vu in the area, and Dan Myrick is set to film Solstice nearby.

Seagal is also currently trying to get an Under Siege 3 off the ground, reportedly on the hunt for a writer and director.

Though there may be some who are excited about the possibility of a comeback for Seagal, I would still count this actor as one who is out of the picture; especially if he continues to wear that heinous jacket pictured above.

However, the Mountain Dew commercial featuring Steven Seagal is classic; maybe he should try his hand at a bit of comedy?

Check out the entire report over on Steven Seagal at MovieHole.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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