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Looking for a Great Holiday Film? Look No Further

Published December 16, 2004 in DVD REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Still from Love Actually
English love comedy that will have you laughing along the way.
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It's the holidays, and it seems only proper to suggest a holiday film that all are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy. Since Christmas with the Kranks and Surviving Christmas were as cool as burnt out Christmas bulbs, I'm gonna go old school and talk about a film I cannot believe I forgot to review before. The film I speak of is Love Actually.

Love Actually- The Chick Flick Guys Can Watch

As the title claims, there is a lot of love in this film. Love between a step-father and a son, love between a hetero-rockstar and his manager, love between grade school kids, a forbidden love between a man and a women, and a lobe between language barriers [just to name a few]. There are a lot of different approaches to love in this film, and they all seem to work.

Ok, enough about love. If love were all the film displayed, it would be hard to get any males to sit through the viewing. Love Actually also has tons of comedy with a little nudity to boot. While love is the overall idea behind the film, it is the comedy and parallel stories that carry Love Actually to glory. The rockstar Billy Mack [played by Bill Nighy] is genius, Hugh Grant [as Prime Minister] is witty, and the idea of slutty, or as they say cool', girls in America is classic. On this note, Love Actually takes place in London and surrounding European areas. The only time the filming comes to America is when one of the young Englishman, with a sex drive that is sky high, sees America as the only outlet to sew his oats.

The Plot

Love Actually starts with an introduction voiced by Hugh Grant about 'love being everywhere.' The film then immediately cuts to a funeral and a wedding [different scenes]. From the start of the film, you notice a lot of separate, yet somehow intertwined, stories beginning to develop. Each story is unique and deals with the concept of love during the last five weeks before Christmas [hence a holiday film]. The holiday of Christmas also plays a critical role in the film, as it is the time of year when you drop your inhibitions and tell the truth; tell some one you love them maybe? While not all of the about dozen stories end up perfect, each is beautifully crafted and pretty humorous [at least in most of the stories].

This rockstar, played by Billy Nighy, was the highlight of the film.
The film ends on a great close where all the characters seem to be happy or, at least, contempt. The director, Richard Curtis, then ends the film the exact same way he began it. We are again left alone as a simple spectator in a busy airport. Love Actually states, in about the first thirty seconds of the film, that you can always witness tons of love at an airport and, as the premise proves, love is all around.

Final Judgment: This film is as funny as it is heart warming. The characters are excellent, and so are the stories. Billy Mack, played by Bill Nighy, alone can bring movie goers back for a second viewing. There is too many good things about Love Actually to mention, just go check it out.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Still from Love Actually

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